SUN IN CANCER – JUNE 21 to JULY 22, 2022

watercolor by Maria Francesca

As an astrologer I am required to embrace and enjoy all of the twelve signs of the zodiac and I do.  And then there are the lovely Cancers. Cancers are some of my favorite people and I gravitate to them like a fish swimming towards loveliness.  My loving son Michael, beautiful daughter Laura, BFF for 35 years Stacey, incredible chiropractor for almost 40 years, Dr. Diane Jordan, Spiritual Teacher for 17 years Nellie, hair stylist Brenda, friend and jeweler LaVonne.  These are all Cancerians in my life up close and personal. 

Cancers are sweet, charismatic, loving, caring, mothering and nurturing.  They are also moody, feisty, crabby, restless and emotionally charged to say the least.  They can be depended on and called on when you are in need of a hug, a ride, a friend or even some straight out motherly advice.  Cancers like to have fun.  They are considered the party planners extraordinaire.  Use their energy and follow their lead especially during these very challenging times.  

Cancers are all about the home, the family and all that it represents.  The saying “Home is where the heart is” fits this sign very well.  Beginning tomorrow and until almost the end of July, we have a great opportunity to create a healing in our homes and in our hearts.  This is definitely a great time to nurture our inner child and work our way out from there by thinking and sharing nurturing and healing with everyone and everything that we come in contact with.  Of course, this always works best when it begins with you personally.  Enjoying who you are.  Honoring who you are by focusing on being your own best parent.  We are all children and there are times when we still need to be children even as we need to be adults.

Celebrate you and your family however big or small.  Make those phone calls to your loved ones.  Plan the reunions that are so necessary for bringing together the ones we love.  Outdoor events are everywhere.  Many are free of charge.  Even if some parks are closing due to financial constraints as well as climate change (Ugh), the Universe continues to provide areas open to the public for picnicking or just sitting along the shores of some lovely body of water.  As a Pisces, the fish Goddess, I am so grateful to live close to our beautiful Pacific Ocean.

“We are Family” is a song that resonates what it means to belong.  From small family structures to the world family; for this month of mothering and nurturing energy do what you can to create a joyful home base; inside of your psyche as well as with others. 

The sign of Cancer is considered the Mother of the Zodiac.  My passion is to celebrate Mother Earth and all she continues to do to support our lives. With the onset of summer arriving with the Solstice tomorrow, look to the Blessed Mother in the Catholic religion and the compassionate Kwan Yin Mother in the Asian religion to the Goddesses in all belief systems; Mother energy reigns as strong and powerful. So much distress that needs powerful intervention. The planetary transits can provide us with the necessary tools to live in and through the challenges we face.

We are coming to the half way point in our year. Take some time to journal what you have accomplished and what you still want to accomplish as the year moves forward and quickly I might add. With Jupiter, the planet bringing benefits, spending the whole summer in the sign of Aries, there will be an even more hot and feisty fired up energy. Keep your cool in frustrating situations please especially during the month of Cancer (a fire and water combo). And when the sun travels to Leo in late July I am reminded of the song “here comes the Sun King. Everybody’s happy.” There will be two fire signs joining together. Leo and Aries.     

Remember to look at where the sign of Cancer lives along with whatever planets are in your 4th house in your personal sacred astrology blueprint.  This is where the Cancerian energy will be most prominent and prevalent.

As I celebrate the Summer Solstice, I wish only for a peaceful and positive resolution to all of your concerns.  Always remember I am here as your astrological coach to support and nurture you in safety, joy and harmony.  Contact me for your summer forecast reading.

Thanks to all who take the time to read this information.  I look forward to continuing to support the positive future vision for us all.   

P.S. Come back in August for more Astrology tidbits.                                                

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The Lovely Moon so powerful as it supports, creates, challenges and affects all of our emotional content. Our Moon sign is as important as our Sun sign. Knowing your personal Moon sign is critical to each of us understanding our emotional landscape. Water sign Moon is very different than Fire sign Moon. Earth sign Moon is very different than Air sign Moon. Honoring your Moon sign and being aware of how it interacts with the Lunar and Solar Eclipses will benefit you immensely.

This Lunar Eclipse will take place in the sign of Scorpio opposite the Sun in the sign of Taurus. What a combo. What a powerful opposition. And as we know opposites attract. We will benefit the most by this powerful Red Moon Lunar Eclipse by, first and foremost, knowing your personal Moon sign. (If you are my client and don’t know your Moon sign, you can reach out and I will share it with you).

Interesting to note what actually happens when the earth covers the moon. For this eclipse the earth sign of Taurus will cover the Moon sign of Scorpio. In this moment of total darkness we have an opportunity to clear away what no longer works for our life. It’s like a big erasure in the sky. I love whenever the Universe provides us with an event so emotionally charged that the best way to benefit from it is to allow the emotions we are experiencing which may be troubling us to let them go. Then, wait a couple of days to feel refreshed and ready for the new. Scorpio is the transformer. Let this energy transform you like a Magician.

Every sign will be affected by these two dynamos. Scorpio and Taurus. Water and Earth. Here are some “ready to use” tips on how to navigate these next couple of days.

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – Let yourself do whatever feels good. Feeling is the word you need to pay attention to.

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – Make sure your emotions do not become a tsunami overwhelming you and all you hold precious.

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – Get out of your head and into your heart. There’s nothing to figure out. There’s only to let go.

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – Stay calm. If you need to get fired up about anything make sure the flame is low. Easy does it.

And remember that Mercury is still retrograde in Gemini (the communicator). Great time to determine if the words you say to yourself about you create the life you are living. The words you speak to others create the kind of relationship you have with them. And then, of course, there is the relationship you have with your life. Retrogrades give us a great opportunity to review and revise. That’s all!

Be well my lovelies. You know where to find me. If you don’t here’s my info.

Maria Francesca Triliegi

Email me and I will be sure to get back with you as soon as possible.

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My Lovelies,

It has taken me three days of thinking, ruminating, obsessing and even crying to finally sit down and write this blog. I feel conflicted. If I look out at what is happening in the world, I see where there is still much turmoil and how can we create a state of resurrection, renewal and regeneration while so much of what is going on is worrisome?

What’s the how to? Where can we renew and regenerate in our “little picture” lives. Well, as an astrologer I can give you some of the astrological 411’s. Jupiter and Neptune, both planets that bring goodness have joined together in the sign of Pisces, the dreamer. Pisces the compassionate and kind and loving sign when at its finest. The perfect combo for bringing us a NEW way of expression. A new way of moving forward. How about that? And the lovely Sun will experience a changing of the guard on April 19. Going from fired up Aries to grounded and practical and “let’s get the job done” sign of Taurus. Time to dig in the dirt. Renew and regenerate the soil.

It is Spring for God’s sake and I am obsessed with Mother Nature. I see her resurrect and regenerate all around me. Signs of renewal are peeking out everywhere. I can’t help feeling hopeful. And yet, as we all know, there is sadness and despair and the continual pain and suffering being experienced by many on our planet. It’s almost like the sayings, such as, “this too shall pass” or “only those that have suffered can know peace when it comes” don’t make sense anymore. I believe we are all pretty tired of the suffering and turmoil.

Want to share that I had one of those aha moments the other day. Looking out at my rose bushes and my lavender bushes and my aloe plants, it came to me that each one of those plants needs different soil, different light, different watering schedule. The aha was relating plants to us as humans. Each of us is unique and each of us needs our own special way of being in the world. As an astrologer I get to experience each of my clients as a very unique and lovely personality. I realize the complexities that exist in one human being. I give my clients new tools to be able to live in their uniqueness by paying close attention to how to find their perfect nurturing program.

When the Sun travels to a new sign, there is a new experience available. Every month we get an opportunity to grab hold of the energy produced by the qualities of the sign. The Universe provides the goodness. All we need to do is take advantage of what is available.

I am not a Pollyanna. I know grief and sadness up close and personal. I feel deeply for all of the craziness on our planet. I ask myself every day how I can support the best of what is going on around me. With Uranus in Taurus along with the Sun, I will, for the rest of April and most of May pay attention to doing all I can to care for my life and my home and my garden by being practical. Renewal takes work. Regeneration takes work. I will use the Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces to live with love and light. I will do my best to think and feel the beauty and goodness around me. Some days we can only feel it in the smallest aspect of our lives. Some days, the whole day. The secret is to begin each day with a positive focus. Affirm, Affirm, Affirm it will be a good day!

Please, my lovelies, use astrology to benefit you. Pay attention to where the planets are and how they are affecting your life. It’s always for our highest good. I am always thinking of new ways to support you. Ask me about my specials. Ask me about my private regeneration retreats. Ask me about my new workshop … “Live a Blessed Life”.

Wishing you a Happy Easter. A Happy Mom’s Day. Wishing for you and your loved ones good health, cheerful thoughts and the most positive vision for your life. A reading and/or a coaching session will in itself renew and regenerate your spirit, mind and body.

P.S. If you read this today, April 16, Full Moon in Libra day, tomorrow predawn, you can actually see in the sky a rare lineup of Jupiter, Venus, Mars and Saturn. Yay!


Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist & Healthy Lifestyle Coach

Goddess Retreat Leader

Author…”Life is Good..When You Do the Work”

707-292-1882 – m

310-548-1338 – o

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Well, my dear friends, what can I say?  I want to cry for the people in Ukraine and their troubles yet not even done crying for the many people that lost their lives or continue in some way to be affected by the pandemic which is still with us.  And then there are the wildfires and the storms and floods and the tornados taking humans and animals and belongings.  All of this going on while there is a huge reconstruction of our democracy.

How can we humans manage the “big picture” while doing our best to live with some contentment and peace in our “little picture” personal lives.

I read an article recently about something called “radical acceptance”.   The idea is to observe what is happening with as much inner peace as possible.  When we can accept what is going on by asking ourselves what it is we can do to support the situation, we become warriors in a way.  Peaceful warriors whose mission is to provide positive love and light with whatever means one has to do that.  As the world and all of its machinations continue, we can only do as much as we can do.  Life goes on and it is obvious we humans need to become stronger and stronger.  Our physical as well as emotional and spiritual body experience is now calling for our attention as never before. We must be well protected and directed at what we can support.  

As always, we must realize that along with whatever is challenging in the world around us, there is much goodness as well.  Ask yourself what is it you are focusing on?  Do you get any news that is of a positive nature?  And finally, how is your immune system functioning?  We can be our best when we are truly healthy. 

The Universe operates on a natural level doing what it has done for millions of years.  The sun and moon have never disappointed us.  Just look at all of the pics folks post on sun ups and sun downs.   The planets continue to revolve around the constellations.  Each month we experience a New Moon and a Full Moon and every season brings an opportunity for a new energy. 

On Friday, March 18th, we will experience a full  moon in the sign of Virgo.  As we near the end of the sun moving through the sign of Pisces;  there will be a culmination of all of the emotional responses we have experienced collectively and individually this month.  The best way to take advantage of this coming full moon is to calmly connect with your own emotional responses.  Allow yourself to feel whatever is brewing inside of you.  Write about it.  Talk to a friend.  Talk to your coach, counselor or therapist.  Virgo wants life to be practical and organized and logical.  They are the consummate worker who knows how to organize life.  With the Pisces/Virgo connection, it can be a loving totality of all you are attempting to keep together. Do this by Sunday, March 20th if you can. 

On Sunday, March 20th, we get to celebrate the Spring Equinox.  Yes, my friends, I realize, some of you may ask, “what is there to celebrate”?  MOTHER NATURE!  She never disappoints.  Folks are flocking to experience the beauty and wonder of what has always been with us.  Best to honor and support that which nurtures and supports us.  The air we breathe and the food we eat and the many herbs that grow out of the ground to keep us healthy.  For now, let us do what we can to be grateful for all of it. The Sun will move to the sign of Aries. Spring will once again bring a fired up energy. Do what you can to use it wisely.

I wish I had a magic wand to make all of the sadness and ugliness go away and never return.  Alas, until we find ways to create peaceful conflict resolution; until we grow our emotional intelligence so we can use it to solve problems with the understanding of the consequences, until then, we must continue to pray for peace.  We must continue to focus on what is good about life on this beautiful planet.

Please feel free to reach out if there is any way I can be of support.  I am here as your astrological light beacon.  I am an optimistic realist.  I have experienced beautiful as well as horrid experiences in my life and yet I must believe in goodness!  There is no other way.

Sending Blessings and Wellness,

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

The Optimistic Realist

Honoring our “Spirits Minds and Bodies” The Divine Trilogy 

Author “Life is Good…When You Do the Work”

Business and Personal Astrologer

Intuitive Tarot Counselor 

P.S.  I have some exciting new workshops and classes coming up.  Ask me about them.

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It has been one year since we humans have been forced to accept one of the most harrowing, frightening, troublesome, painful and definitely unprecedented experiences not seen on this planet in over 100 years. Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial lives have been decimated. We have been changed down to the essence of our DNA. Whether or not we have personally been affected by this pandemic; we have all been changed in ways we are not even fully aware of yet.

We know that astrology affects our personality. Astrology is the essence of our personality. The way we function in our day to day. The way we function in the world. Our health and wellness; our relationships; our work ethic, our philosophy of life; all of who we are is clearly shown to us in our sacred birth chart.

We now see that the pandemic is affecting our personality. We are more fearful, more restricted, especially as it relates to our humanity and more concerned about our future. This is happening to such a degree that it can, if we are not careful, change our perception of life as we move forward to create a “new normal”. We must, each of us, find a way to understand the complexity of how we are being changed. Understanding our astrological personality can support us in making sure that this pandemic does not alter our consciousness. Staying the course of knowing who you are astrologically. Understanding how capable our spirit, mind and body is to fight off outside forces that can undermine our good health in all areas of our life.

I have learned so much about my astrological personality through these past months. Where I am resilient. Where I am impatient. Where I am too emotional and need to be more practical. Where I am a social creature and miss my friends. I have had to learn to love myself and care for myself in ways I wasn’t even conscious of. Too busy. Too distracted. Too cool to bother caring for some things. Yes, learning to pay attention to detail. I’m a Pisces. Always looking at the big picture. Learning to love Mother Nature in new ways. I’m like a rabbit. Moving quickly to the next task. Slowing down has allowed astrological aspects of my nature to come forward and support me in new ways. What a gift. Of course, we always want our awareness and growth to occur through positive experiences. Alas, I know personally, after losing my beautiful son in such a tragic way and then experiencing the effects of this pandemic, life doesn’t always work this way.

We can learn now to become stronger and smarter with regards to much of what we took advantage of so we can do it better. Our astrological profile has the answers. With Jupiter (planet bringing benefits) and Saturn (planet bringing challenges) in the sign of Aquarius and Uranus (planet bringing change) in the sign of Taurus; we have an opportunity to search out the very personal and powerful nuances of our astrological personality. Do you know where these signs live in your sacred birth chart? This is where you can be supported in new ways.

We are dealing with a new virus. It is creating somewhat of a new humanity. It is time to be proactive rather than reactive. It is time to utilize the power available in the lovely circle we call the horoscope. Each planet has the ability to support us with the resilience and the gems of awareness necessary for our life’s journey moving forward .

I am here as your astrological light beacon to support you in finding whatever is necessary for you to thrive. We will soon unmask our lives and open our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies to embrace all of the beauty, love, friendship and togetherness that, for a while, we were robbed of. How will you move forward? How will you be different?

Namaste, Maria Francesca


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A special forecast for these next two months.  2021 will be a year like no other we have experienced in our lifetime.  A new AQUARIAN energy is arriving on our planet that will open our eyes to see the truth of why so much of what we have experienced since 2008 has been necessary.  This includes our present health crisis.  While we are feeling so much frustration, fear and confusion; behind the scenes events are being put into place for us to live a more fruitful, responsible and peaceful reality.  Mother nature is working overtime to compensate for our past mistakes.  New coral reefs are being created.  The oceans are beaming with freshness. New trees are growing. The air is cleaner than ever. We can do this. We are strong. We are resilient and we are FREE. 

A reevaluation of our health care system as well as our educational system will bring a new and more sustainable plan.  So please rather than living with negativity, overwhelm, fear and anger; do all you can to prepare for this major event with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto coming together on December 21, 2020 for the last time in the sign of Capricorn.  A period of major unrest throughout the world will need to come to an end so new doors can open.  Innovation of the highest order will be critical. 

Each of us will be responsible to live with the highest level of integrity and responsibility.  Start now.  Eat foods that will nourish your spirit, mind and body.  Drink clean water.  Rest whenever you are called to.  Keep your immune system strong.  It is the best anti-virus medicine available.  Connect with your personal spirit guides, angels and teachers.  Ask questions.  Pay attention to the innovations that science and the 5G technology are bringing just as we are entering the 5th Spiritual Dimension.  We are entering what is called The Great Awakening; exciting, concerning and rewarding all at the same time. Aquarius is the inventor, the innovator and the insightful one.

In order to transform, the old must die and a new way of being must be created.  It’s the “how to” that is challenging.  Isn’t it interesting that the election of a new leader who will hopefully transform whatever is necessary for our country to thrive also takes place in month of November.  Also, November is when we celebrate Thanksgiving. 

The month of November will definitely begin to open our eyes to what we can expect in 2021.  The last two months of 2020 will be pivotal as so much of our world is in crisis and we will truly need to have a plan for how we are going to navigate these new somewhat turbulent waters.  There will be a New Moon on November 15 and a  Full Moon on November 30.  Halleluiah that Mercury goes direct on November 3rd.  Remember that New Moons are for affirming what you want to bring into your life.  Full Moons are for letting go of what no longer serves your highest good.

Here’s a little Thanksgiving prayer to say with whoever you spend the holiday with:

We are thankful for our home as it restores us.  We are thankful for our loved ones as they are an extension of us.  We are thankful for our friendships because they feed our spirit.  We are thankful for our courage, our kindness and our compassion.  We are thankful for and celebrate everyone here today as we move forward knowing we are gifts to each other.  

Email me to support the most peaceful and powerful vision for your life.  I welcome your feedback, comments and/or questions.

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

“Using Astrology to Honor Your Uniqueness”

available on Zoom or Facetime

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Well here we are.  September is arriving and the sun has traveled to the sign of Virgo.  A full Corn Moon will appear in the sky on September 2 in the sign of Pisces.  A new moon will arrive in the sign of Virgo on September 17 and then we head towards the Fall season in all of its natural glory on September 22nd marking the Fall Equinox; a time of celebration of the harvest.  In earlier times there was much to celebrate and much to be concerned with as the winter months brought new challenges.  We, too, are experiencing new challenges as we do our best to celebrate as well as determine how we are going to survive our somewhat unknown future.

Looking back at last September, now would be the time of getting our children ready for another school year. I live a few doors down from a grade school.  In the past I have anxiously awaited the parade of parents and children with new backpacks and even some children so small they could hardly carry them on their backs.  Cameras sophisticated beyond anything I remember at the ready to capture the experience.  All rushing down the street with different emotional responses.

Not this year.  And I am sad this will not be available for either parents or children.  This is only one of many rituals we will not be experiencing as summer comes to a close and the fall harvest season begins. So the question remains;what can we do?  How can we celebrate the end of one season and beginning of another? We have heard the word “unprecedented” over and over.  We have heard “this is the first time in the history of….” many times throughout these past six months.

I believe that within this very vulnerable time, somehow, we are finding a way to not only survive; we can thrive because looking back in history we human beings have always found a way.  I have observed so many doing their best using intuition, creative instincts and an incredible resilience to find NEW ways of honoring life.  I have been fascinated by the powerful innovation and dedication of so many of my fellow men and women who are searching, out of necessity, for the new.  We have become the pioneers of the 21st century.  It is a strange new world and the only “steady as you go” we can depend on is the sun and the moon and their cycles.  Mother Nature continues to support us in every way she can.  The outdoors have become our healing centers.  The forest, the ocean, the desert.  All beaming and shining a light.

Each of us must find our own way to celebrate whatever you have done in the past six months to enhance and support your life and your loved ones.  Embrace the rhythms of nature and make way for this new season.  Each month we experience a new moon and a full moon and a cycling of the moon through the different signs.  Other important transits occur as well.  Pay attention to your astrological journey and use the information to support your life with a positive focus. Most of the month of September is ruled by the sign of Virgo.  Purity, honesty and a sense of purpose that is the driver for accomplishment.  Interesting that Labor Day is celebrated in September.

Be well my friends and know the power is within you.  Meditate, walk in nature, eat the best food and honor your spirit, mind and body.

I am here to support with recommendations and insights to create the most peaceful and passionate vision for your future.

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

“Using Astrology to Honor Your Uniqueness”

available on Zoom or FaceTime

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Summer-Solstice-Stonehenge-blessing | Summer solstice, Solstice ...

With all the information, insights and recommendations going around regarding this year’s Summer Solstice; I will trust my guides to support the best of what we can do moving forward.  Amidst all of the many changes occurring on our planet beyond what is happening astrologically; the Universe, the planet Earth and Mother Nature will continue to do what she knows intuitively how to do.

The Sun will rise and set at a specific time as it has done for millions of years.  The Moon will go from new to full as it has always done.  Fascinating how nature continues to thrive without interruption.  That being said; there is a confluence of planetary transits and aspects coming together similar to the movie “STAR WARS”.  Here is the breakdown:

Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto are all in retrograde.  Moving in a backward motion.  All of them in juxtaposition to be seen and heard.  Five out of the ten planets carrying power and wanting attention.  All of this while the Sun is at its peak for the year.  Rising high and shining its powerful light on certain parts of the world.  The Sun just made its transit into the sign of Cancer opposite several of the retrograde planets in Capricorn.  This can be compared to a tug of war between father energy and mother energy.  Stern and practical vs. emotional and sentimental.  And throw in an eclipse for the fun of it along with a pandemic.

Even if it were not the Summer Solstice, what is occurring on our planet astrologically is somewhat unprecedented and calls for unprecedented actions.

Anger and fear and frustration and passionate emotions are all up close and personal.  Truly my friends I feel for everyone.  Each of us is experiencing some aspect of powerful emotional ties to whatever it is that has made us feel secure in the past.  Unfortunately many of  those emotional and material security blankets are no longer available or relevant or make sense due to events beyond our control.

Our emotional landscape is being plummeted by crisis and the need to create order within our own personal psyche is critical now.  We are setting the stage for the rest of 2020.  Passionate emotions, at times, calls for a cooling off period.  We are at high tide here and need to move away from the shore.  Detachment is necessary although challenging as we are being forced by regulations and a reality difficult to accept.

On this Summer Solstice Day find a way to honor yourself and your loved ones by following what our ancestors did to celebrate the Solstice.  This will help to quell the many fears we are all carrying with us.  We are in a somewhat free fall and the future is not as secure as it has been.

For today light candles, take a bath, journal out your fears.  Walk in nature.  Call a friend.  Give something special of yourself to someone in need.  There is much we can do.  Small deeds that produce large rewards.

The sign of Cancer, here with us until late July,  brings a much needed mothering nurturing energy.  Don’t get caught in the web of fear and anxiousness that is readily available in these tumultuous times.  By the Fall, several of the retro planets will move forward.  Mercury will go direct on July 8th.  All is not lost.  We must dig deeper within ourselves to come to a new spiritual, mental and physical landscape.  One which gives us strength, the ability to detach and the creation of a future making sense for the times.  The times they are a changing!  Where will you and your loved ones find yourselves?  The way to the future is to plan for the future.

Remember your astrological Sacred Birth Chart is your map.  It will give you clear directions for a new road to travel on.  Let me know if you need some new navigational tools.

Your Optimistic Realist,

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

Compassionate Communication

“Using Astrology as Therapy”

Goddess Retreat Leader

Author…”Life is Good..When You Do the Work

707-292-1882 – m

310-548-1338 – o

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Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? Astrology Tells All

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There is a song called “Turn..Turn..Turn”.  The words are relevant today as much as they were back in the 50’s when it was written.  I have been singing this song for the past few days.  The words resonating with what we are experiencing.

Rewind, repeat and move forward into a somewhat unknown future; it is critical that we look to the past.  We have been here before.  This is happening due to the fact that astrology is based on cycles.  The planets move through the zodiac closing doors and opening others as it shines a light on the area it is moving through.  Some planets stay in one area for a while; others leave and return at a quicker pace.  There are planets bringing benefits and others bringing challenges, changes and even destruction of the old; if that becomes necessary.  At this very powerful time to be on this beautiful earth plane, there are two very important planets bringing the chaos we are experiencing.  Saturn and Pluto.  

Pluto (planet that brings deep transformation through the complete death and, if necessary, destruction of old ways of being) in 2008 returned to the sign of Capricorn.  Pluto’s cycle is approximately 248 years.  2008 is when we experienced the beginning of the breakdown of all the structures that run our world.  From politics to climate to health care to the financial systems to education to religion.  The most recent pandemic which I am calling an “Awakening” is part of this Pluto transit.  A powerful breakdown we had not experienced during our lifetime.  The last time Pluto was positioned in Capricorn was 1762 to 1778.  The American Revolution and the making of America.  This is when the founding fathers who penned the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were hoping to create a democracy.  The dictionary explains democracy:  The definition of democracy is a form of government in which the common people hold political power and can rule either directly or through elected representatives. An example of democracy at work is in the United States, where people have political freedom and equality.  

One would assume by now, we would and could be living in peace and harmony with each other, at least in our country.  We are supposed to be the example for the world on how to live with equality, freedom and equanimity.  We have had over 200 years and now with Pluto opening the door to see what we have accomplished, it is obvious that a breakdown and dismantling of much of what those structures represented is imminent.

The second important astrological event is the return of Saturn to Aquarius.  It entered Aquarius in March of 2020 and will remain here to July of 2020 and again from December of 2020 to late 2023.   Saturn is (the planet that brings challenges, lessons and finally rewards).  It has a 30 year cycle and was last in Aquarius from 1991-1993.  Also from 1962-1964 and from 1932-1935. During these different periods, apartheid was dismantled, the Civil Rights Act was signed and we saw the Great Depression which then brought social security, government changes and the regulation of banks.  This is also when we experienced the Rodney King riots.  We need to ask ourselves what did we learn from these experiences?  What were the lessons and have we reaped the rewards? If we have learned would we still be rioting, protesting and rebelling everywhere in the world where there is still so much inequality.

We must pay attention to these powerful astrological cycles.  When the planets shine a light on an area through a specific sign of the zodiac, there is a purpose.  The purpose is to support us by bringing the events necessary for us to take the right kind of action to live a richer and more sustainably aware life.  We do this when act in responsible ways.  Protest is positive.  Rebellion, at times, is necessary when it has a purpose and an end bringing positive results.

Saturn in Aquarius demands justice and equanimity for all people.  New systems making sense for where we are and the number of people who must be taken care of .  Recognizing that we cannot sustain this much pressure on our beautiful mother earth.  We must ask, again and again, how is equality measured?

We must each take responsibility to find ways to live our own personal life with more accountability.  Take care of our physical bodies and pay attention to our carbon footprint.  Practice non-judgment.  Come up with new ways of living where we can see the goodness of our actions.  Step up to the next rung of the spiritual ladder.  Consciousness is needed.  Purposeful positive action is needed. We cannot depress others for our gain.

Look for Capricorn and Aquarius in your Sacred Birth Chart.  This is where you will find your own personal journey to becoming a more consciously aware human being.  This is where you can take the actions necessary to thrive in our brave new world.

As always I am here to honor and support you with my astrological insights and recommendations.  Call me or email me or text me for your personal session.  I am offering specials through the summer.  Zoom or in person.  

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Be well and safe.  Maria Francesca, Your Astrological Light Beacon










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