Important March 2010 Astrological Events

New Moon in Pisces
Monday – March 15 – 5:01pm (PST)
Pisces is considered to be the dreamer. With this New Moon in Pisces we can now bring our sweet and tender dreams to reality. The energy of this New Moon activates the magical, mystical and artistic and creative world that lives within each of us. Take this opportunity to bring forth your new ideas and use your intuition as your guide. Be inspired by the beauty of the Universe as Pisces is the sign of those that see beyond what is obvious. Watch for information and intuitions that come from your deep dream self as Pisces is the mystic and keeper of secrets. Your heart can open and you can feel safe to share your goals and dreams. You may find yourself upsetting your own apple cart as you release through your journaling what you are REALLY feeling about different aspects of your life.

New Moons are for setting new intentions. With this New Moon in Pisces you can now set your intention to live fully within yourself. Align your spirit, mind, heart and body to honor all of who you are with a new honesty and integrity that you bring to yourself and others. The 12th house (where Pisces lives) is the area where we keep that which we hide from the world. Decide to forgive yourself for those things you are ashamed of and move forward with an open heart. Pisces is the sign of the compassionate ones. You can now awaken your compassion and live in the joy of knowing that there is magic all around us.

Full Moon in Libra
Monday – March 29 – 10:25pm (PST)
This Full Moon in Libra with the Sun in Aries demonstrates the balance we must maintain between our own personal view of life and the mirror effect that others bring to us through our relationships with them. We are clearly experiencing a vortex of conflicting energies coming together. With Pluto in Capricorn (the father) and the Sun in Aries (the child) it is clear that there will be an internal struggle of wills as you search for new ways to bring justice, harmony and balance (Libra) to all that you do in the day to day. Remember that Libra is the sign that searches out relationships with the world. You must decide which of those relationships are serving your highest good. You must decide now, as we continue to experience and become an intimate part of the disasters and world events occurring all around us, who and what we can support. It is critical that you focus on assisting others to find their true courage. It is critical that you believe in the power of the Universe to bring to you those people and situations that honor your individuality as well as your relationships with the world.

The Full Moon encourages us to let go of what is no longer necessary in our lives. With this Full Moon in Libra, you can release the judgments about others that are keeping you stuck in an old paradigm that does not honor you or them (whomever you are still carrying judgments about). This is the path to new possibilities.
Remember that journaling is a primary releasing experience as it gives you a vision to focus with. The more conscious we become of the words we say, the more we deepen our relationship to the words we use so that we speak from a place of emotionally experiencing what we are saying.

Maria Francesca
Maria Francesca Triliegi
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For me astrology is an elegant way to become more conscious of myself in the brilliance of the ever changing cycles and rhythms of the universe. I feel confident in my knowledge of the movements of the stars and planets and have the reassurance that I am participating in an orderly and secure universe. This instinctive understanding along with a more elevated state of consciousness always gives me more of a choice to better influence the world around me as I make wiser decisions.

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