Important April 2010 Astrological Events

Scorpio Full Moon
April 28, 2010 – 5:20am – PST
The Scorpio Full Moon on April 28th brings with it some very powerful and intense aspects. We know that Scorpio is the sign of intensity, privacy and passion. This sign allows us to investigate and operate deep within our emotional landscape. We can during this full moon transit, reveal, at least to ourselves, what we know to be true about what kind of value we assign to all that we are. Taurus, the sign opposite of Scorpio, rules our value system which includes our spiritual, mental, emotional and financial life. This opposition is asking us to tell our truth. What is it you truly desire? What is it you fear about what you desire? Open your heart and share your desires with the Universal Support System. Write them down along with your fears.

Remember that the Full Moon occurs when the Sun is opposite the Moon, and brings with it the need for balance and integration between the peaceful harmony and stability of Taurus and the fiery emotional depth of Scorpio. When opposites meet in the middle it is an opportunity for the coming together of two powerful forces. In order to achieve the best of what this Full Moon in Scorpio is going to bring, we must do both. Go to the depths of the Scorpio feelings and balance that with the practicality and stability of the Taurean energy.

With Mercury Retrograde in Taurus and Mars in Leo added to the mix, we will be experiencing a very aggressive and powerful energy charge. Scorpio, Taurus and Leo are all fixed signs. Please watch for the next few days that you do not get caught up in anger and frustration. The Full Moon energy takes at least two days to dissipate. The emotional intensity will be present during this period.
Remember that journaling your experience is critical. Also, looking at your personal sacred astrology blueprint is very beneficial as you will be able to determine exactly where this Full Moon energy is taking place in your life according to the house position of Scorpio.

“For me astrology is an elegant way to become more conscious of myself in the brilliance of the ever changing cycles and rhythms of the universe. I feel confident in my knowledge of the movements of the stars and planets and have the reassurance that I am participating in an orderly and secure universe. This instinctive understanding along with a more elevated state of consciousness always gives me more of a choice to better influence the world around me as I make wiser decisions.”
Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi
Humanistic Astrologer & Holistic Consultant
Founder of Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks
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