Important Summer Astrological Events

Uranus in Aries June through August, 2010

Dear Friends,

I have moved to a new lovely space with an office in my home here in San Pedro, California. I will be facilitating my wonderful Goddess Retreat Days as well as my Women’s Support Group and, of course, my individual clientele are all welcome here. And, I have a new U-Tube video that my dear friend and client, Patricia Grube, has created for me. I will include the link below.

As we know, there is much going on astrologically. One of the most important events is the Uranus in Aries transit.

Welcome to Uranus in Aries
The Uranian energy of freedom and innovation will leave Pisces May 27, 2010 and move into Aries until September. It will retrograde back to Pisces and return to Aries in the spring of 2011. The last time we experienced Uranus in Aries was from 1935 to 1942 (a truly revolutionary period in the world).

Uranus is the planet that influences us to search for individuality and independence. These next seven years will find us examining our life path to determine where we are. Whatever alignment Uranus will make in your natal chart, you will feel like breaking from your personal traditions and rituals to experiment with a new way of being. You will find yourself searching; from a desire for a new hair style to possibly moving your residence, new work, and even new relationships and lifestyle choices.

Uranus in Aries is here at this time to bring the swift changes necessary to awaken us to a higher level of consciousness. It will support us in leaving behind those situations, circumstances and relationships that are no longer for our highest good. It will give us the courage to release ourselves from the ties that bind us to that which is restricting us. Aries is impulsive, confident, quick and fast. Watch for an evolvement that will bring a liberation that will be refreshing.

It is time for each one of us to enhance our individuality while realizing that we are another spoke on the wheel of the Universal Human Family. If you allow yourself to move beyond your fears and reach for your true self, Uranus in Aries will bring you tremendous insight, a new vision, creativity, and awareness. You can personally begin a new journey. Take a trip somewhere new, change your eating habits, start new ceremonies and rituals to honor your spirituality. Become the business man/woman you have always wanted to be. Journal out your fears and embrace them. Add a sense of play and laughter to the most serious aspects of your life.

Universally, we will experience technological, psychological as well as health related areas being transformed. This explosion of innovation can bring man and womankind to the realization that we need to live in our higher truth through our own individual sense of responsibility. With all of the wonderful new innovations, inventions and solutions to environmental problems we are facing, it is important to realize that all life on this planet must be able to reap the rewards of these benefits.

Please know that there will be challenges to the above especially with Uranus in Aries squaring Pluto in Capricorn for the next five years. Capricorn rules all of the large organizations of the world from the government to the corporation. Desire for control and rebellion against the control will be evident.
Uranus desires freedom and in Aries it will push ahead as far as it can. Pluto wants control. Both of these planets are very powerful. We can use the desire for freedom to empower ourselves against that which we know is no longer acceptable. We can use the power of Pluto to make a conscious effort to “do the right thing”. We all know what that is. Living in peace and harmony with compassion and kindness for all life.

Maria Francesca

For me astrology is an elegant way to become more conscious of myself as I relate to the natural intelligence of the ever changing cycles and rhythms of the universe. I feel confident in my knowledge of the movements of the stars and planets and am comforted in the knowing that I am participating in an orderly and secure universe. This inherent understanding gives me more of a choice to influence the world around me in a more positive and powerful way as I make wiser decisions.

Maria Francesca Triliegi
Humanistic Astrologer & Holistic Consultant
Founder of Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks
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Special Uranus in Aries Reading – $50 (What is happening with Uranus in your personal chart?)

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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2 Responses to Important Summer Astrological Events

  1. Jeff says:

    Hopefully Pluto’s control will be actualized for the common good this time around and not manifest in the likes of the Hitlers of 1935 – 1942 period.

    Regarding your comment on astrology being a self-participating phenomenon, as opposed to a deterministic one, I’d like to recommend to your readers an in-depth book (not an fast, easy read) by Richard Tarnas on that very subject – Cosmos and Psyche.

    When are you going to host a God Retreat Days event for men?

    Thank you for your wisdom!


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