Astrology Full Moon Coaching – December 2010

Maria’s End of 2010 Astrological Message and the Beginning of Good News for 2011

Full Moon in Gemini
Sun into Capricorn
Winter Solstice
Lunar Eclipse

Wow! What a way to end the year. With the winter solstice, a lunar eclipse, a full moon and the sun traveling to a new sign; all occurring this Tuesday, December 21 we will have an opportunity to end another wild and crazy year and begin anew with a vision of passion, confidence and positivism.

This last year has been one where we got to observe over and over again that life is messy. Relationships are messy, politics are messy and even nature is messy. Of course, through it all, the Universe including our lovely Angels, Gods and Goddesses, guides and teachers, planets and constellations along with all of the other spiritual powers that be; continue to do their best to protect, direct and guide us. It is always fascinating to me that at the end of each year we wait for the good news that the next year will bring hopefully moving towards something better. A new beginning for our life. What will that be? In reality it is only one day that ends and another begins. The calendar changes from 2010 to 2011. What else changes? We as human beings? Does some magical experience occur where we wake up on January 1st feeling happier, healthier or richer in spirit than we were on December 31st? Yes and no. Yes, if you really, really decide to change your way of thinking. That is where the magic is. Inside of our consciousness. Once we can truly expand our super conscious minds and focus on creating a lifestyle that we can sustain as well as enjoy; that is when the New Year will be better than the last. So, on that note, here are my recommendations of what we can do from now until the end of 2010 to ready ourselves for a better 2011.

With Tuesday bringing a full moon in Gemini, the natural communicator of the zodiac, we will be prompted to write (a powerful form of communication) all of those challenges, lessons and frustrations that 2010 brought into our lives. What did you learn? What did you discover about yourself, the environment you live in or your loved ones when you were confronted with negativity, fear, anger or sadness? Are you willing to say goodbye to all that will no longer serve you? With this full moon in the exact right sign to do that; journal away and clear the air (Gemini is an air sign).

With the onset of the winter solstice and the sun moving into the sign of Capricorn we need to be ready to go within and find positive ways of enduring and enjoying the wintry days and nights. Cooking, reading, journaling, crafting and gathering together with loved ones are all wonderful ways to honor this season. As I write this, the rain continues to pour down here in Southern Cal. I happen to love it. Blustering clouds, foggy air and cleansing all converging together. And, of course, there is the lunar eclipse to enjoy. Darkness and light coming together to demonstrate that nature is glorious and powerful.

Moving forward to 2011 there is a buzz in the air. Promises of fiery passion. Promises of entering a new spiritual realm. Uranus in Aries for the first time in 84 years. Jupiter in Aries for the first time in 12 years. Both opposite Saturn in Libra. Opportunities abound for new innovation and creation of a way of life that hopefully will be able to sustain us well into the future. We are to become the true peaceful warriors that will bring the change. The words we have spoken in the past that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for” will ring true in 2011 more than ever. The fight for what is right must begin to happen without the necessity of war. There is a new kind of weaponry emerging. Intelligence and practicality with innovation as its catalyst is what will now be available.

Each one of us must utilize the fire and passion that the planets will provide in 2011. I will share how each sign can benefit from the important astrological events for 2011 at my annual Astrology Celebration Lecture and Luncheon. See Details below.

And finally, what are the holidays for? I believe they are for the coming together of loved ones and friends to celebrate with laughter, good food and gifts that express our gratitude for each other. As we gather let us be eternally grateful for all of the goodness that the Universe provides and do something small or grandiose for someone in need.

Thanks to all who take the time to read this information. I am so grateful for all of my loved ones, my wonderful friends and trusting clients. I look forward to continuing to support the positive future vision for us all.

Please take the time to go online and Google worldwide New Year’s Eve meditations. Join in the many different organizations that are gathering together to focus on the only way that we will EVER see real change in the world.


Noted Los Angeles Astrologer and Holistic Life Coach
Astrological Highlights and Insights for 2011
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