Astrology – May Scorpio Full Moon Message

Full Moon in Scorpio
Tuesday – May 17, 2011
Sun in Taurus
Mars in Taurus
Mercury in Taurus
Venus in Taurus

Hang on to your hats and coats and shoes and socks. Here comes a powerful and honorable and exciting full moon experience. First of all check out all of the planets in Taurus pulling at this opposing moon in Scorpio. Passion, excitement and intensity all rolled into one.

We will feel this full moon down to our toes and how we react to it will make the difference in how we experience in. Taurus is the sign of the doer. Get things done and move on. This is the motto of Taurus. Scorpio wants to reflect; make sure that the actions they take are going to be responsible and effective. I say what a lovely combination. Pluto and Venus joining together. Pluto, planet that brings deep transformation through death of old ways is the ruler of Scorpio. Venus, planet that brings love and beauty, rules Taurus. Both of these signs are fixed and stubborn in some ways.

So, how is this going to affect me, you ask? I say enjoy the intensity of your emotional response to your life and pay attention to where you are going too far. No temper tantrums or control issues or “this is mine” and “that is yours” kind of attitude.

Use these next few days to assess what it is you have (Taurus) with how much it takes to be responsible for all you have (Scorpio). If there is more that you need to be comfortable in your life use tenacity (Taurus) to bring into consciousness.

This is a good time to get together with your partner and discuss those important money issues and determine what the two of you are doing together to live a life that is rich in the values you want to express. If you are a solitary person; do the same with yourself. What does your overall life’s values represent to you? Who are you in the world and how do others experience you? This is all a part of our value system.

Houses two and eight in your sacred astrology blueprint have to do with spiritual, emotional and financial value. Taurus and Scorpio reflect the same. Scorpio is the sign of privacy while Taurus wants to express and talk about it. The two together are a powerful duo that can uncover and bring out the best and the worst of who we are.

Watch your behavior. Pay attention to your approach. Full moons and new moons are times for us to observe ourselves. The moon is a reflection of our own inner and outer expressions. It is like looking in the mirror and seeing ourselves in a spiritual and emotional way. It is an opportunity for us to experience ourselves as spiritual beings on a human journey.

When something is full (think the Mississippi River right now) it must be emptied out. Where are you going with all of those emotions? Keep the ones that bring you value and let go of the rest. There is a Motherpeace Tarot card where a woman is walking towards the ocean away from everyone. She is going to take all of her old emotions no longer necessary for her life and let them go to be washed away by the beautiful universal waters that cleanse our lives in so many ways. A good exercise during this full moon experience. Be honest with yourself. (Scorpio) knows how to do that. Watch for overreactions (Scorpio) knows how to do that as well.

We have so much to be grateful for. Venus (Taurus) shows us all of the beauty that surrounds us including our own. Honor your beauty inside and out and enjoy the fact that you are beautiful. I love the word desire. It brings with it a feeling of passion for me. Taurus and Scorpio teach us to integrate passion and desire with practicality and stability. When opposites meet in the middle it is an opportunity for the coming together of two powerful forces. In order to achieve the best of what this Full Moon in Scorpio is going to bring, we must do both. Go to the depths of the Scorpio feelings and balance that with the practicality and stability of the Taurus energy.

Remember that journaling your experience is critical. Also looking at your personal sacred astrology blueprint is very beneficial as you will be able to determine exactly where this Full Moon energy is taking place in your life according to the house position of Scorpio and Taurus.

I am available to support your positive future vision and, as always, I wish for you passionate days and peaceful nights and peaceful days and passionate nights.

Maria Francesca
“For me astrology is an elegant way to become more conscious of myself in the innate intelligence of the ever changing cycles and rhythms of the universe. I feel confident in my knowledge of the movements of the stars and planets and am comforted in the knowing that I am participating in an orderly and secure universe. This inherent understanding gives me more of a choice to influence the world around me in a more positive and powerful way as I make wiser decisions.”

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