New Moon in Leo – August 17, 2012

With this New Moon in Leo it is definitely time to make plans not only for this month or what we consider to be the immediate future.  It is also time to look out at the next few months.  The Fall and Winter and Spring of 2013.  We have a real opportunity to use our personal creative power and intelligence to “create our better future”.  Due to the fact that there is so much going on astrologically we humans are somewhat in a state of overwhelm.  Added to that is how much time we are spending in looking “out there”.  Who has sent me a text?  Who is looking for me?  Who is Facebooking me?  Where am I supposed to be right now?  At work?  On Google looking for something?  Answering a text?  Checking out my Facebook?  Somehow searching for validation by reading other people’s words.

Well how about with this new moon in Leo you take the time to look in the mirror and say “I am wise and have my own powerful creative energy”.  How about realizing that you are someone who can actually make an intelligent decision as to what you need to be focusing on.  And while you do that you can actually be making wise plans for the next few months.

Leo is the powerful Lion/Lioness.  We all have a bit of that inside of us.  What do those “big cats” represent?  Back in the day politicians and newspaper men in the movies were called “the big cats”.  This was meant to give us the illusion that they had the power.  Well my dear friends we all have the power.

Now is the time to increase your confidence and realize that each one of you/us has the ability to manifest at least a bit of personal happiness and goodness.  This idea must first take hold inside of you.  New Moons bring new energy.  Leo is the fired up creative God/Goddess.

Around the time of the New Moon in Leo which takes place on August 17, 2012 at 11:54am EDT (8:54am PDT) the energy will be perfect for you to set some new goals and intentions.  Leo rules the heart.  So get to the heart of the matter.  Take inventory of those places where change is necessary.  Be that powerful individual that can think for yourself with regards to how you want your life to unfold.

Use the blackboard of your mind to erase those old energies and write in some new stuff that feels more like who you really are in the essence of your being.  Lions/Lionesses are fearless when it comes to taking care of their loved ones.  You are your own best loved one.  How do you want to take care of you?  How do you see your life in the next few months?  Best create what you want.

With Saturn about to leave Libra and move in Scorpio (happening this October) a very different energy is emerging with regards to lessons to be learned.  Plan ahead is the message of our powerful guides and teachers.

It is time to plant the seeds that will feed your soul what it needs to continue on in this wild and dramatic world that is unfolding.  Leo brings confidence, loyalty and creativity.  These are lovely attributes to consider.

Ah yes.  Important to remember along with all of this loveliness is that Leo is also the drama king/queen and can exhibit a stubbornness that it difficult to move beyond.  Make sure that your stubbornness is based on bringing in the positive and not making excuses for why you “should” continue down a path that no longer serves your highest good.

As always look at your Sacred Astrology Blueprint to find out where that Lion/Lioness is roaring.  And if you need guidance at this time in your life, please know that I am here as your astrology coach to honor and support your most positive future vision.

Sending peaceful thoughts your way,

Maria Francesca
owner Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks
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