Sun into Scorpio Today – Deep Dark and Delightful

It just happened today.  The Sun has made its transit to the lovely sign of Scorpio and will remain here until November 21.  It is that darkness time of year when summer is definitely over and fall is moving away as well.  The leaves have given us a display of beauty that only nature can provide.  Golden brown as well as ruby red glowing in the sunlight.  We are now ready for the winter where darkness becomes our friend.  We need this energy.  We need to go within where the underbelly of our lives is waiting for us to embrace it. 

With Saturn already positioned in this powerful sign we get a double whammy of watery emotional content.   It can wash over us like a tsunami if we are not paying attention.  Whipping us around and dropping us down into those places that we are not always comfortable with. 

My recommendation is to welcome this next month and schedule time and energy for honoring our very vulnerable and fragile emotional landscape.  We all have emotions.  Some of us are good at avoiding them at all costs.  Others look forward to riding the waves.  Scorpio is the astrological emotional guru.  Scorpio lives in the underbelly and as such believes this to be the norm.  Scorpio will welcome you and your personal challenges.  It will lead you down the staircase of your life and show you all that you need to see.  Every area that needs transformation will be lit up like a Christmas tree.  All we need to do is trust the process. 

Journaling through words or pictures is a great start to the experiences that Sun and Saturn in Scorpio wants to reveal to you. It is fascinating to me as an astrologer that Halloween or All Hallows Night is October 31 a week or so after the transit of the Sun in Scorpio. What a perfect description of the energy of this sign.

If you need help getting down the staircase let me know. I am here to support your most positive future vision.

Sending you deep, dark and delightful energy.

Maria Francesca Triliegi
Your Astrology Coach

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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