Aquarius Sun and Full Moon in Leo

Cropped Aquarius

We have made the lovely transition from the heavy hitter responsible, practical Capricorn to the altruistic, humanistic and lighter in spirit sign of Aquarius, the bringer of spiritual nourishment.

From now until the 18th of March we will have an opportunity to explore, expand and experience our spiritual natures in ways that will support us personally so we can learn how to share our humanity and compassion with the world around us. 

We all need to embrace what the higher realms of Aquarius represent.  It is time to cultivate gentleness and patience.  We must move out of the FEAR FACTOR and into the PEACE and LOVE factor that the 1960’s Age of Aquarius was really all about. 

Each year we have an opportunity to take on the goodness of the sign that we are moving through.  Each sign has specific qualities that are necessary for this planet to survive and thrive.  The horoscope consists of 12 signs and if you follow them each month for 12 months you will realize the importance of each one and how they are all powerful and all purposeful. 

For the next month it is Aquarius the water bearer.  Aquarius the innovator.  Aquarius the rebel with a cause.  The cause being for each of us to get out of our comfort zone and do something wonderful to improve a life even if it is our own.  Learning to love ourselves in positive ways is a good start.  And yes, for God and Goddess sake we definitely have the tools and the tool makers to help us. 

With the Full Moon coming up this weekend on Saturday night in the sign of Leo the Lion and Lioness it will be a perfect convergence of Ego and Spirit coming together.  We need our egos in order to be successful.  We need our spirits in order to live as responsible human beings.  We need all of us to be involved.  Spirit, Heart, Mind and Body. 

I believe that Aquarius is expansive and impersonal and Leo is creative and personal.  Both are important and both are necessary.  One supports the other.  They are astrologically synchronistically connected together. 

Use the best of both of these signs this weekend to determine how much of you is too involved in ego and how much needs to be more focused on ego.  I love our egos.  I believe the Universe gave each one of us a very special quality all our own.  We find that specialness with our egos.  To honor and utilize that energy is necessary.  Leo is ruled by the Sun (the basis of so much of our lives). Aquarius is ruled by Uranus (defines our uniqueness).  Bring the two together for goodness and you will shine like the star that you are!

I always have my yearly Astrology Lecture and Luncheon during the time of Aquarius.  I do that because Aquarius rules astrology and this is when our minds can be open to receiving the astrological forecasts that are important for us to move forward with a positive future vision.

I am here to support the best of who you are astrologically.  Remember that if your Sun, Moon or Ascendant are in Aquarius or Leo this message will apply very personally to you! 

I will be offering my insights and forecasts for 2013 at my 23rd ASTROLOGY LECTURE AND LUNCHEON on February 3, 2013. For those of you that are not local I will be offering an MP3 recording of my lecture.  See my website for details.

Maria Francesca Triliegi
Your Astrology Coach



About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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