Aries and Taurus bring Springtime and Spring Cleaning


Springtime is a time for new beginnings as well as an opportunity to clear away the dead energy and make room for all of the exciting new creative and emotional goals and dreams that you want for your future. In Spring Mother Nature shines her powerful sunlight on all of her children; human and otherwise.

In my Italian childhood home Springtime was very important. Even if the weather was not always cooperating my “Nanu” was getting his garden dug up and ready for planting. Along with all of the other duties of Spring cleaning we had to take the mattresses outside. Like some people take the rugs out; we took the mattresses out.

When I think back it was such a tedious job and yet so critical. My Nana brought her favorite mattresses all the way from Italy. They were filled with lamb’s wool. Each Spring we had to take them outside, open them up and pull apart each piece of wool. This was because they had become matted down from being slept on throughout the year. In thinking about that I realized how this can happen to us inside of our heads. Situations and circumstances that have occurred throughout the year that have somehow pushed down our goodness.

When Spring arrives it brings with it a natural renewal opportunity. The Universe is so incredibly loving and kind that each year it allows us to dig up the old and replant and replenish the ground with powerful nutrients.

Our spirits, minds and bodies need nutrients as well. This is the perfect time of year to look over your physical, mental and emotional landscape. What new energy can you bring to your life by planting new thoughts that will eventually blossom into a wonderful harvest. What is happening in your home base? This includes your inner psyche as well as your physical home. To honor our bodies we can dedicate one weekend to a fast of some sort. Go to your nearest health food store and get some cleansing herbs. When we do this we need to stay close to home. What a great opportunity to turn off the world. Listen to your favorite music or just be in the silence of nature. To nurture our minds we can create a treasure map/life board to honor the new goals and desires we want to bring into our lives. These are creative projects as well and a very powerful way to plant new seeds. Affirmations are wonderful. I highly recommend them. New words and phrases that will replace those negative messages that are interfering with your goodness. For our spirits we need to renew our personal vows that we make to ourselves. A simple 20 minute meditation practice is actually the perfect medication for our spirit. We need to believe in and honor our personal spiritual support system. This is the foundation of everything else in our lives.

What new thoughts will you plant this year? What beautiful and fragrant mind flowers can you add to your inner garden? What delicacies will you be able to grow in your life this coming season?

If you need help let me know. I am offering a “Spring Cleaning” Reading.

Spring Clean Your Life Reading
Time to Clean Out Your Spirit So New Seeds Can Be Planted

Questions to ask yourself to Clear Out your Spiritual Clutter
Is Your Spirit Broken or Damaged?
Are There Still Negative Thoughts or Emotions Getting In Your Way?
What Tools Do You Need for a New Beginning?

Send me your concerns and I will help you with your Spring Cleaning

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