Visualize a nine year old on a red bike finally able to navigate the pedals. Feel their sense of freedom as they make their way down the street. All by themselves. What adventure awaits them? How exciting to be a child. Innocence begets creativity. Innocence begets new ideas. Innocence takes away all of those adult restrictions we have placed on ourselves through the years. We can be mature and innocent and childlike even as adults.

With this new moon in Aries we are being asked to break out of those patterns of behavior that have kept us stuck. Playfulness is the keyword here. Playfulness that comes out of giving ourselves permission to explore new avenues of behavior.

Aries = Spring. Aries = bold adventurer. Aries = confidence and yes even courage.   When a child first gets on a bike it is very scary and frustrating at first. And yet as stated above when they finally make the connection that all it takes is a little courage, a little patience and a new sense of balance; away they go.

Let yourself go for the next few days. Aries is a Fire sign. What can you get fired up about? Think serious with a flash of humor. All grown up with your child still intact. Be silly for a change. Visualize whatever best memory you had about your childhood and recreate it.

Adulthood has its benefits and yet watching children at play brings a feeling of melancoly and envy for those days of pleasure as we plod through our responsible adult lives. Just imagine not being responsible for much of anything.

Look for where Aries is in your sacred astrology blueprint. There you will find big new ways of developing your ideas. You must fire up and generate power like when you start your car. Welcome new creativity in a childlike way.

Remember that as adults we must exhibit a certain amount of decorum and yet I love to sing and dance around my living room.


Childhood Blessings,
Maria Francesca

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Aries Watercolor by Maria Francesca

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