Cropped Scorpio

With this Full Scorpio Moon and Lunar Eclipse it is time to go on a spiritual, emotional and mental archeological dig.  By doing this we will be able to go deep down under the ground of our consciousness to finally dig up everything that we find.  Some of what is there is no longer needed and can be reburied forever.  In order for us to be successful in our dig we will need to go into the past and as they say “dig in” to find whatever is smothering or covering up our healing and growth process.  This will include the obvious; old emotions and painful memories.  Underneath all of those could be some wonderful desires not manifested due to them being buried under all that dirt.  This is what an archeological dig is all about.  Looking for treasures of the past that can be cleaned up, shined up and enjoyed.

What lovely surprises await after all of that underground goodneess emerges.  Yes, just what we need.  More courage, a feeling of excitement about the future and finally renewal.  If you have ever seen a snake shedding its old skin the prpcess os fascinating.  The end result is glorious.  The snake is luminous with its new skin shining brightly.

With Saturn in Scorpio as well and the lunar eclipse shining extra light this is a wonderful opportunity to unlock the deep/dark shadows that may be still following you around.  Especialy if you have a need to lighten and brighten up your spirit.  Cycles of time are critical as well.  30, 60 and 90 year cycles.  Even if you were not born yet; what was going on in your ancestral chain of command.  In the lives of parents and grandparents live the seeds of who we have become.

There is no need for judgement.  Just let yourself freehandly open the doors to the past.  Visualize doors opening easily bringing light to dark rooms.  Even if its only with a flashlight where you get to see one section of the room at a time.  Some of the lessons and challenges we are experiencing go deep inside the psyche.  Even if it is scary; we need to think of it as exciting.  Like the Haunted House at an amusement park.  Many times our fears are just illusions.

We need to focus on all of the peace and promise of the future.  Important to note that  Scoprio is opposite of  Taurus.  Illusion vs satisfaction.  Examine what you need vs what you think you want that will bring you happiness.  We know for sure by now that we are experiencing an evolutionary crisis.  One in which too much consumption of material goods is causing a spiritual starvation affecting every aspect of our planet.  It is definitely time for a better balancing act.

The Lunar Eclipse will also give us more power.  The brighter the light bulb the more we can see.  Let your true self esteem lead the way.  Get out the tools necessary for  this dig.  Journaling, walking, recording your feelings, meditating, painting and drawing.  all of these will assist you in clearing out or shoveling through and opening up to find your beautiful, luminous, energized and fearless self.

Scorpios and Taureans will be the most affected followed by moon or ascendant in either one of these signs.  Also where Taurus and Scorpio live in your sacred astrology birth chart. 

Happy Digging!

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi
“Your Astrology Coach”

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