“Violence Against Women Is a Global Health Problem of Epidemic Proportions.  About one in three women worldwide experience sexual or physical violence at least once in their lives, according to a World Health Organization report.”

We need to eliminate this from happening in the future!


There seem to be so many emotionally savvy women on our planet.  These feminine spirits have a strong desire to connect to the best of who they are.  These are the women who go out into the world and do what they can to share their goodness with others.  It seems more of a natural phenomenon for the feminine spirits of our planet to be connected to the emotional and spiritual aspects of who they are.  Women make up what is considered the heart of the planet.  Moms are more openly able to express love and forgiveness. 

And what of the men of the world?  Lots and lots of wonderful, exciting, powerful and somewhat emotionally angry and confused men.  This is obvious as we see most of the humans that are locked away in jails are men and that most of these men are there because they have killed, robbed or abused someone.  Many times the people they have killed, robbed or abused are their loved ones who are women and children.  We find that with the research that has been done a large number of these men have themselves been physically and emotionally abused.  

 Just watch the news or read a newspaper and one can observe that the killing of women and children by men continues on a daily basis.  Most men have been taught from childhood to be strong, unemotional and unexpressive.  Think on that.  Where can men go to express those emotions that are such a natural part of who we are as human beings?  What can be done?    Seriously the change must begin with the birth of a male child.  Mothers and fathers need to become stronger proponents of emotional expression for their male children.  From the time a young man arrives on the planet he must be allowed to express emotion.  The fact is that all caregivers of young boys must promote and encourage emotional sharing especially when they are shedding tears. 

 Boys and men need the support of women.  They need new ways of expressing themselves emotionally.  They need to feel safer about communicating their feelings.  Males have traditionally been instructed to keep their feelings under control.  MEN DON’T CRY has long been the message. They seem to be more comfortable expressing emotions that have to do with anger and frustration and they certainly know how to come to logical and rational conclusions. This is not to say that men cannot express positive emotion.  It is delightful to be around men that express their emotions in a positive way.  Women need to help men so they can become emotionally successful and create emotionally rich relationships.  This will also ensure the continued welfare of the women and children of our world.   Men need to be given permission to safely feel their feelings while maintaining their masculinity and hopefully that will help to eliminate so many men having to be imprisoned for expressing emotions by committing negative acts. 

It would be wonderful if more men were willing to learn the emotional communication skills necessary to be a positive participant in their close love relationships.   My friend who is a therapist tells me that most of the male partners of her clients only come to see her after they have been coerced or threatened by their partners that if they don’t ….. 

Men do not seem to be able to express their anger or anxieties or frustrations in a constructive way as many men have not been allowed to express emotion, and, of course this is where the abuse cycle begins.    As far as I can tell in the work I do with women, many women are frustrated because even with the many tools available there seems to be a lack of understanding as to how to use those tools to create healthier partnerships and relationships.  This in turn creates even more frustration and that, I believe, is one of the main reasons why the divorce rate is off the charts today.  Research shows that most divorces are initiated by women.  That is an indicator that most men do not understand what is wrong with the way they are relating to their loved ones.  Even with the latest wave of books written showing the differences between men and women, i.e., the Venus vs. Mars theory; I would ask if that is enough information to create long-lasting changes in the way men relate to women? It is interesting to watch women who marry men that are in prison even with the knowledge that these men will never leave these facilities.  Women that will marry men through plate glass, saying their vows and holding their hands up against a bulletproof window committing to love one another for the rest of both of their lifetimes.  How strange is that!  Women that will sacrifice their emotional life for a man they will possibly never touch.  This is also an example of men searching for love and understanding no matter what the situation is that they find themselves. 

Love is the ultimate goal for all humanity.  To create loving experiences there needs to be communication, compassion, compromise, forgiveness and understanding.  Women know how to do that more easily than men.  It is time that men and boys are taught how to integrate these qualities into their lives.  There is a call for all mothers to begin this very important task with their male children.  There is a call for all women to encourage the sharing of feelings with the men that they are presently involved in.  The key here is to begin somewhere.  Start the dialogue now.  

Look to astrology to support understanding the differences between men and women.  Women’s emotional responses are clearly very different than men’s.  The signs and position of Venus and Mars in each person’s astrological chart is very revealing with regards to how love is expressed.  We must do it better if we are to heal the VIOLENCE against women!

Sending Universal Love to All,

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi

www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com – 310.548.1338 – smbworks@earthlink.net




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