New Moon in Virgo today September 5, 2013.
Wow!  This New Moon in Virgo is kicking my butt!  I have already organized the office, answered emails, washed and waxed kitchen, guest bathroom and personal bathroom.  I have changed the bedding and even come up with a title for my new book. 
I am excited.  This is what I love about Virgo’s energy.  Virgo is the sign that wants us to put it all together in ways that make sense.  Orderly and practical.  It may not always sound exciting to be orderly and practical and yet what a great feeling of peace and harmony when the task is completed.  Virgos do it easily.  Theirs is the sign of SERVICE.  Mother Teresa was a Virgo and when I think of the ultimate Virgo energy; I imagine her in my mind. 
It is true that Virgo represents the virgin state.  This is the sign that ultimately desires “perfection”.  I see this as a wonderful quality.  It guides us to visualize reaching a state of perfection in all that we do  while remembering that there is perfection in the imperfection.             I realize this is an odd statement to make and yet if you look at a beautiful rose in its entirety you are pleasured by the beauty of the whole.  When you look closer you will see that each petal is a different size and a different shape.  Taken apart it will not emit the same emotion.  It is time to bring together all that we are including our imperfections as this is what makes us our most   perfect self.
We are entering the Fall season.  This is when we celebrate our harvest.  If the farmer had to examine every tiny nuance of his crop before taking it to market he/she would probably never get there.  So look at who you are and what you have done to support the goodness in your life.  Celebrate you!
With Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune all continuing their journey in lovely emotional water signs they are doing all they can to nurture the earthy Virgo.  Water nurtures the earth. 
Virgo rules the 6th house of the natural zodiac.  This is where our physical health and wellness reside.  Ask yourself what you are doing to take good care of your physical body?  This is your home.  The home inside of you.  This is a great time to celebrate by thanking your physical body for all it does for you.
New moons are for new beginnings.  With Virgo ruled by Mercury, the planet that governs our cognitive thinking process; this is a great time to decide on exactly what kind of thoughts rule your mind; especially in your day to day.  How does your thinking affect your physical body?  Are you full of stress or full of positive thoughts?
Virgo desires cleanliness.  This is a great time to clean out your spirit, mind, body, home, car, garage or closet.  Whew!  Discard the old, clear out the unnecessary and create the perfection you know in your heart will bring you the peace of mind you desire.  
Where Virgo resides in your sacred birth chart is where you will feel this energy the most.  If you are a Virgo or have Moon or Rising in Virgo – Rock On!
I am always here to shine a light on your most spiritually powerful sense of self.
Sending loving support to your day,
Maria Francesca – “Always believe something wonderful is about to happen”
Come visit me at the Daily Breeze Women’s Health and Beauty Expo on September 28 at the Torrance Cultural Art Center. 9am to 2pm.     I will be doing mini-readings and will have ceremonial products available as well.
Ask me about my 8-week Tele-Class – “Mastering the Art of Positive Intention”.  Wonderful, simple and easy to use recommendations.  We all need to be reminded of the importance of  positive thinking.                           

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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