New Moon in Taurus @ 2:14am on April 29th with an extra added attraction. A Solar Eclipse.

Taurus governs the earth like a good steward. Taurus represents all of the richness of our beautiful Earth planet. Whatever comes out of rich and healthy soil is governed by the sign of Taurus. This is why we plant our food in the Spring. It is time for us to plant the seeds of goodness inside of our minds. Think about turning the soil and adding good fertilizer. Take the time to pull out the weeds that have grown around your dreams and goals and desires for the good life that you want to create. Spring! Spring into action! The energy of Taurus along with the energy of the Sun will feed your spirit all that it needs to move forward in safety, joy and harmony.

Please find an excerpt from my soon to be published book “Life is Good” ….When You Do the Work.

There is so much natural magic that occurs on planet Earth every day. From the colorful hummingbird that flaps its wings as it knows to come by to the same place and drinks the nectar outside my window to the sun and moon that know exactly when to rise and set each day. The more I can see the magical beauty and order of the Universe, the more I can be at peace and offer that feeling to the people that I am connecting with each day with the hope that it will generate more peace on the planet.

For me, the beauty of nature is like a religion. There is a synchronistic invisible magical system that operates along with all the other systems that care for all of nature. How does the hummingbird know to come to the feeder even after the feeder is gone? How does the Sun know when to set and the Moon know when to rise? How does the baby know when it is exactly nine months and it is time to enter the world? What else can it be? It’s magic!

I believe that there is a component that I cannot mathematically factor in for much of what happens every day even as it is true that there are aspects of my reality that are based on scientific fact. We need to be thankful that we cannot apply these facts to everything that occurs in life. It is important that we live in the part of reality that we can consider to be magical and full of fantasy and beauty and color and light and wonderful tastes and smells. It is where goodness and joyfulness and serenity exists.

Children of our planet know this magic much more than we adults do. They live in this magic. We adults mostly live in what is called logic which is very different than magic. We are constantly being told to “grow up” and act like an adult. I believe I would go crazy if I had to live each moment of each day as a logical and practical adult.

Creativity emerges from a very rich and joyful inner life where magical experiences exist. This is where we can all find the peace and harmony and beauty that we can then share with others.

Exercise: Just take a walk anywhere in nature and you will see the magic and hear the magic and smell the magic.

Wishing for all a magical life!

I am here as your astrological light beacon to support your most positive present and future vision.

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Maria Francesca

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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