Italy Trip 134Mercury Retrograde in Cancer – June 7th to June 17th, 2014 – @ 4 Cancer on June 7, 4:57 am PDT, 7:57 am EDT
Mercury Retrograde in Gemini – June 18th to June 20, 2014

What can I say? We are entering almost one whole month of Mercury, the planet that rules communication and the sharing of information slowing down and preparing to go retrograde in the sign of Cancer and Gemini.

Mercury in the sign of Cancer likes to go slow and easy when figuring thoughts out. This sign has a strong need for security so patience will be necessary when making decisions.  Patience with yourself and with others.  Cancer is considered to be the Mother of the Zodiac.  The words practical, responsible, loving, kind and compassionate come to mind here.  With Mercury slowing down in this sign for the next ten days; take the time to review your past as it is impacting your present life.  It will be helpful to support you moving forward with the qualities mentioned above intact and ready for good use.  Also if you are deciding to do any improvements on your home or take a family vacation later in the summer; now is the time to look at all of the details of what that will entail financially, mentally, emotionally and physically.  Cancer (the Mom) is so good at determining what needs to be done.

Mercury Rx does not need to be a negative experience.  It actually is a great opportunity to review and revisit the past as well as what we are presently working on and wait, if we can, to  move forward with our decision so as to slow down our communication process.  There are so many wonderful insights available in our lives when we just STOP for a while and listen to the powerful voices from within our psyche.  This is something in our society today that is becoming, unfortunately, obsolete.  The idea of SLOWING DOWN.  Please give these retrograde periods to yourself by realizing their importance.

When Mercury moves to the sign of Gemini on June 18th this is when communication will want to fly off the pages of our life.  Words written as well as spoken and contracts signage will all be affected.  Becoming a better listener is what’s critical here.   Mercury is very comfortable in the sign of Gemini as it is its ruler so communications will have much more of an  impact.  It is critical that we  be very clear within our own mind as to what it is we want communicate during this important retrograde period.  I always feel that we need to look back in order to look forward.

If we do the work required of us throughout the month of June; July will bring a new and powerful light leading the way to a better future.  We will know who, what and where we want to expend our precious personal resources that include energy and time.


Do your best to create for yourself and your loved ones a beautiful, fun filled and easy Summer Season.

Remember that if you have Sun, Moon, Ascendant in either or both Cancer and Gemini; you will be most affected by this retrograde period.  And, I am here as your astrological light beacon to support your most positive present and future vision.

I am so grateful to all of you who honor my work. I am staying put for the summer so I will be available for personal sessions as well as my day retreats. See my website for more information.

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi

owner – Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Looking Forward to Sharing My New Book about to be published……….. LIFE IS GOOD….”When You Do the Work”





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