Astrologers are claiming that we are experiencing an UNPRECEDENTED astrological event. Several planets including Venus, the planet of love and beauty, are moving in a backward motion. Added to that is this Full Moon/Blue Moon experience is occurring in the signs of LEO (the Lion/Lioness) – side note – interesting that a beautiful LION was killed for sport just a few days ago; and Aquarius (the bringer of justice).

My oh my oh my! So here are, once again, with an opportunity to decipher what this all means. Unprecedented energy from the planets. Hmmmm! Do we really know what this means? Do we as human beings realize, understand and/or accept that these spheres called planets (notice how they are all round) not squared off; are actually able to affect us emotionally, spiritually and even physically?

I can tell you this much. It is true folks. It is truly true that the Sun and Moon and Mercury and Venus and Mars and Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus and Neptune and Pluto and all of those planets we have yet to discover along with the billions of stars and asteroids that are circling the earth or we are circling them; DO AFFECT US.

I have been in a constant state of anxiousness for a few days now. My head is spinning and my stomach is churning. I feel an anticipation that is exciting as well as transformative. This is why I have chosen the blue moon image with a butterfly. You see, butterflies are indicative of transformation and isn’t that the purpose of our journey through this lifetime. To transform ourselves. To understand our personality and how we can exhibit the best of who we are to the world.

I am certain that by now you are thinking “Geez Maria tell us what this Blue Moon has to do with all of what you have just explained”. Okay. I will tell you what it means. It is time to ask tough questions. Who are you really? What are your dreams? What are your passions? How much of your life are you living in what you know in your heart is what you are capable of doing? I mean for your own personal happiness as well as for the good of others including loved ones, family members and your immediate community.

This is a time when FEAR MONGERS are going to be running rampant spreading the negative news. Believe me; it is not all doom and gloom folks. Aquarius and Leo are the two signs that describe those people who are able to move beyond their comfort zone to make the changes that will ultimately bring the passion necessary for manifestation of the new more positive energy available to all of us. It is so easy to continue to focus on what is wrong. It is much easier to go along with the crowd. Leo and Aquarius bring out our individuality. Look to where these two signs live in your sacred birth chart.

Do something unprecedented for yourself. One action towards your goal. Whatever it is. Spiritual, mental, emotional, financial or physical.

Spend at least a part of this weekend focusing on how you can utilize the energy available even if you don’t feel it up close and personal. I am certain there is something in your life you want to accomplish. If not, come and see me:) Seriously; even if you have to focus on what’s wrong in order to get to what is right for you; that’s okay. Dig in there just like a cocoon. Eventually if you stay focused; you will become the beautiful butterfly.

Sometimes we have to trust that the Divine Universal Laws that keep those planets circling are doing what they do for our highest good. I guarantee you; this is their purpose.

Sending Venus love and beauty to your day along with the courage to be all that you can be in safety, joy and harmony with the world around you.

Maria Francesca

Message me for your “up close and personal” motivational coaching session. I am here to educate, support and encourage.

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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