SOLSTICE Winter Full Moon

Hello to Winter Solstice 2015 and Rare Full Moon on Christmas Day                  First Time since 1977

Here we are at the end of another year of tumultuous events.  I am overwhelmed and at times confused as to what is really going on.  Yes, we have been shown that WAR and POLITICS continue to consume our lives without any seeming resolution to either.  We are constantly fighting for or against something.  And now, we even have a new STAR WARS to prove how important the fight of good against evil still exists.  We are being shown the grief, sadness, displaced people, warlike individuals, hate, anger and negative judgment of others.  Actually nothing new here, as this, sadly, has been occurring on our planet since the beginning of time.

What is new and is being proven every day is our powerful spiritual consciousness and how we choose to use it to create a change in the environment around us.

There is so much loveliness going on “behind closed doors”.  I want us to pay closer attention to the beautiful actions and activities going on in the world that SCREAM OUT there is so much good happening.  There is the big Universal world; then there is the smaller Community world; then there is the even smaller; Our individual world.  How we navigate through all of the different versions and visions of what is true and what we are to believe about life overall is what is changing!

The planets and the constellations keep cycling around and bringing us new ways of being.  We have very powerful universal allies who want us to fight the good fight.  New information surfaces daily, weekly, monthly and yearly as to how we can live with PEACE as our mantra.  In the words of John Lennon “Give Peace a Chance” , I would ask have we ever lived these words completely?  Maybe at Woodstock!

Astrology for 2016 is bringing transition, truth and transformation which will all take center stage .  This is another opportunity folks.  With Saturn in Sagittarius for the first time since 1985 and Pluto in Capricorn for the first time since late 1700’s; the big guys are taking over the playing field and crying out for change.

Transition – In the process of moving from one place to another, from one belief to another, from one political system to another and unfortunately from one war to another.  How can we help?  What about our own personal transition?  Where are we transitioning to?  What is the path you intend to take with regards to your stand; your spirituality; your personal mantra? Bring it on!  Journal it out!  Share it with yourself.  Realize that it is time to transition and move to higher ground by letting go of what no longer serves you.  Clear the decks.  Get ready for all the weather conditions.

Truth – What is the truth?   Sagittarius is the truth seeker.  Whatever it takes; Sagittarius provides the fire and the passion to find the truth. Important sidebar here.  Whatever Sag is fired up about; they go full boar to make sure their philosophy/belief system is fully loaded.  We must be careful here as there are philosophical and religious belief systems destroying our planet and its people.  For us personally please be sure to examine how your truth affects your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health as well as your loved ones, your community and Mother Earth.  Take responsibility for what you know is the truth.  Include compassion, caring and spiritual intelligence.  Watch for influences meant to disrupt the flow of divine love.  Jesus never talked of war and terror.  His message was to love our neighbors as ourselves.  Wow!  I wonder what happened to this simple beautiful message!

Transformation – Visualize the cocoon/butterfly idea.  Once each one of us completes the transition and lives in a truth that makes more sense for creating a more just and compassionate  world; we will look like butterflies.  Glowing, glistening and vibrant.

Make 2016 the year you look beyond mass media.  Make 2016 the year you follow only what really resonates for you and your highest good.  Search for the goodness happening within you and around you.  There are massive groups of people looking for better ways of living.  Healthier foods, less consumerism, living and enjoying the simple life, working on passionate projects (not just for the money) accepting that it takes paying close attention including a new way of being responsible for our actions.

Christmas 2015 will be extremely emotional with the Full Moon occurring in the sign of Cancer (Mother of the Zodiac).  Do your best to be a sweet, loving, kind and caring Mom to yourself and your loved ones.  Keep a watchful eye on what is going on around you.  Emotions can easily get out of control.  Love can turn to hate at a moment’s notice especially when there is so much at stake.  Keep a Christlike attitude.

Gratefully yours,
Maria Francesca Triliegi @ http://www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com                    My New Book is Published!  “Life is Good…When You Do the Work”           Available at my website…Am Excited….300 Already Sold!

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