999 – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2016


September = 9

September 9 = 9

2016 = 9

Nine is a master number.  Nine is the number of completion.  In numerology; the number nine is considered the Angelic number.  To me the most important value of the number nine is that NINE months is how long it takes for the culmination of a human being arriving on the planet.  How amazing that in 9 months there is a powerful completion of the human anatomy.

Today is a pivotal day.  Today is a day to COMPLETE all that needs to be finished.  Fini! We have an opportunity to close major doorways of the mind where negativity has made a home.  Once we clear away what we have hoarded to protect us; we provide a readiness for a NEW LIGHT to enter our life.  We are rising up to what is known as the 5th dimension.  In this new awakening the energies of positive and negative become much more evident.  And the battle against nefarious entities (fear, hatred, judgement) rages on.  What side will you take?  What dimension of life are you living in?  It has been proven over and over and over that living a stressful life is one of the major components of illness.

We are born with all that we need spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.                In 9 months time we become this incredible creation.  All we need to do is watch innocent children.  They are the most trusting souls on the planet.  This is what the Universe gives us as part of our human package.  Who do you trust?  We must pay closer attention to our own internal intuitive support system.  There is a powerful Angelic Realm ready to work for us.  They surround us every day.  Call them out.

Use today to decide what you want to begin anew.  Let go of old habits that no longer serve you.  Review what you believe to be true about your life.  Allow the Angelic Realm to support your vision.  Negative situations, relationships, health challenges can now be reassessed especially with Mercury Rx in Virgo.  Virgo rules the physical body.  The word retrograde means to go back and review your position to determine its value overall.

We are powerful beings.  We are given a creative intelligence that is so amazing all we need to do is look around at the many creations and inventions that come out of human’s creative process.  We even call some of them miracles.  Intelligence always available to us.  All we need do is ask.

999 = Endings and new beginnings.  Life and death.  Transformation occurring all the time.  Ask yourself what you can transform today.

Angel Power Rules!

I wish for you a day of reflection, transformation and elation!  I am always here to support your most positive vision for your life now and in the future.

Sending Angel Blessings,

Maria Francesca

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About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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