The sign of Aries is actually the first sign of the Zodiac Calendar.  Time to get fired up!  Aries is the starter, the confident, fiery, exciting and always ready for something new personality.  They have a childlike energy that can be quite contagious.  This is why so many of us grownups still want to go to Disneyland or some amusement park.  These places bring us back to our childlike self.  With this Super Full Moon in Aries it is time to move forward.

Time to decide once and for all what is NOT working in your life.  Although there can be anger associated with this fiery energy; use it to create the changes you want to see in your goals and desires for the future.   Opportunity knocks although with this Full Moon it does it without sympathy.  Speaking up, especially to yourself about what you know to be true and what you need to do now to move forward.  No blame or shame.  No pity party.  They say that “the truth hurts” and sometimes it has to in order to wake us up and realize where we have been complacent.

Take advantage and be honest.  Have the courage of your convictions.  We all know deep down inside what we need to do.  If you aren’t sure; just pay attention to how you are feeling emotionally.  What’s bubbling up?  I always recommend journaling.  Let your words be your guide to the truth.  If you are angry, frustrated or upset ask yourself what it is really about.  Use this energy to empower your life; even if you have to fight the good fight and push through to the other side.

Positive things await us when we are determined like an Aries to do the work necessary.  Aggressive and confident with fiery energy to take the necessary actions.

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