Butterfly-with-Blue-Moon-WallpaperI chose this image because the butterfly represents transformation and every month the moon transforms itself from NEW to FULL. Interesting that the Moon knows when it has reached its fullness.  Throughout the month the moon does its work; builds up to a crescendo and shines its light as brightly as possible.  It then magically knows it is Full.  Nature’s intelligence obviously.  Afterwards it takes a few days of rest and begins the process all over again.  This happens on a monthly basis.  It must be that timing is everything where nature is involved.  The seasons know when to change and the Sun and Moon know when to rise and set.  I think about this phenomenon and am always in awe of the natural laws of the universe.

With this Full Moon in the sign of Taurus we can reflect on the power of nature.  We can realize that there are times when we do what needs to be done to feel the fullness of goodness in our lives.  And yes there are disappointments when we human beings do the work expecting the fullness to bring joy and joy is not reached.  I refer to the same joy we experience when we look out at the beautiful moon in its fullness.

Our humanity relies on nature as much as it relies on other human beings to do the the right thing.  We must realize not everyone agrees or desires what we desire.  All I can think about today is that nature does not have a FREE WILL as we humans do.  It follows laws and rules and regulations dictated by a Higher Force.

I ask that for the next two days we do all we can to celebrate the work we have done towards our own fullness and if it does not bring us the rewards we believe we deserve; there is always another month and another new moon and full moon.  Reward yourself with humility and compassion believing there is a higher power and it will prevail.

There is an awakening occurring throughout the world.  A new light is beginning to emerge and hopefully the more we humans look for righteousness that has kindness and compassion at its foundation we will be a part of the new paradigm being created.


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Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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2 Responses to FULL MOON – NOV 2016 – TAURUS

  1. OrionBrightStar says:

    Highly insightful and thought provoking post, great work and share, thank you, sincere regards, Barry

  2. OrionBrightStar says:

    Yes Maria the uk, planet earth and the cosmos within ! 🙂

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