Quoting from one of the essays in my book “Life is Good:  When You Do the Work”. 

The essay is called “WORDS”

“From happiness and delight to sadness and despair; words carry a lot of weight.  They can make us feel so good or so bad.  And now that we are sharing so much of who we are and what we think through blogging, tweeting, twittering and texting it is critical that we understand the weight of our words.  Words are a powerful form of communication meant to support, enhance, and explain who we are and what we want other people to know about us.  Words are thoughts made up of letters put together in such a way to create a message.  Most written and spoken words elicit some kind of emotional response.  Important to remember that our words are in direct relationship to our thoughts.  Our words create our belief system.  Words are  a powerful energy in and of themselves.  Words can be beautiful like musical notes, or indeed very toxic.  What words do you say every day that are habitual and negative?  What negative conversations are you having with yourself that you would like to have with someone else?  Words unsaid are as powerful as words that are said.  If we have a war going on inside our head we will experience a battleground in all aspects of our life our relationships.  Thoughts are messages that are made up of words.  Some of us are carrying around thoughts that have been in our mind for years and years and years.  Going over the same conversation again and again and again.    Old and toxic!  If today was the last day of your life is there anything in your mind that is disturbing you.  How many unspoken thoughts or words are still inside of you that you want to say to someone?   What can you do to say it to them today in an honest, compassionate and responsible way? “

Exercise:  When we speak or write with honesty and spirituality our throat chakra is open and the color is soft blue.   We do not need to get “all choked up”.  We can allow the words to flow like musical notes coming out of our mouth.  

This last Super Full Moon of the year is all about WORDS.  How we say them to ourselves and to others.  Gemini is considered to be the sign of the communicator.  A Gemini easily knows what to say, how to say it, when to say it and where to say it.  They do have the gift of “gab”. 

The gift of this SUPER FULL MOON in GEMINI is an opportunity to change (deep down inside) and heal any negative thoughts controlling our experience.  It is fascinating to me that thoughts are made up of words and some of them we have carried with us for eons of time.  Are they all necessary?  Is some of what you hear inside your head belong to the past?  This is truly a “CHANGE YOUR THINKING….CHANGE YOUR LIFE” moment in time. 

As the saying goes …our thoughts create our reality.  Fascinating to see the words that come out of our thoughts and turn into   our reality. 

If there are words that must be spoken to a loved one; take the time to consider how they will be received.  This means we must at least be aware of our loved one’s personal nature.  How they think and feel and how our words will affect them. Be present when you share.  Allow your words to be spoken with a caring and a loving approach.  Realize that what is right for us may not be right for others.  Gentle and peaceful.   I adore these words.  

Be aware that Gemini is lighthearted and sometimes can get overwhelmed with too much deep emotional input.  They are air signs and are able to move quickly when they communicate.  As each astrological sign has a gift to bring to the table; there are times we need to all take a cue from Gemini’s easy nature when it comes to “telling it like it is” and then moving on.  Sun and Moon and Rising Gemini folks will be feeling the urge to share coming on strong.  Full moons bring opposition.  Sagittarius is the other player in this scenario.  They go right to the heart of the matter.  These are two signs that when they are ready to share…..beware and/or be aware.  Fire and Air!  Use to your advantage. 

In the realm of the everyday situations; expect sudden changes in anything to do with travel, signing of contracts, speeches, lectures, presentations, interviews and words in general.  Look closely and deeply.  If you are traveling there could be communication snags along the way.  Do not allow anything to deter you from the joy of the moment; wherever you find yourself. 

Look up from that mechanical device occasionally. 

We are in the throes of “holiday madness” and with Mercury Retrograde beginning on December 19th; slow down to at least the speed limit of your energy levels.  Give yourself a time out from communication sources that spew negativity.  I wish I could start a news channel that only shares “good news” stories 24/7.  Believe me there are enough wonderful stories happening on our beautiful planet.   Yes, there are conflicts everywhere.  Why add to those by agreeing with what is negative?  Let’s do what we can to agree with what is uplifting. 

Sending love and light and always here to support the most positive vision for your life.

Maria Francesca

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