2017 . Year of Sharing Love and Kindness


I started this message yesterday on New Year’s Eve day 2016.  I was hoping to get it out before the New Year.  The more I thought about 2016 the more sad, confused, mad and unsure of the future I became.  So I decided to wait until this morning, the first day of 2017 to share my astrological as well as intuitive message regarding the year ahead.

When I woke up I did what I always do at the beginning of the day.  I opened the shutters in my living room and found that the sun is out and the birds are flying and the air is crisp and the rain made everything look alive again.  This alone is encouraging.  Then I made a cup of coffee with my favorite beans and the smell of the coffee made from beans that are grown by some farmer somewhere warmed my spirit.  Then I did my yoga practice.  And so it goes.  I was reminded of what I do love and enjoy about life on planet earth.

2017 will be the year to fall in love with all that we enjoy close and personal.  The simple pleasures of our day to day.  Everyone has a different vision and version of “up close and personal”.  The goal for 2017 is to truly pay attention to what is important and move on from there.

2017 brings much of what was left over from 2016.  We all know the uncertainty and unrest that still exists all over our planet.  From the political fiascoes we are experiencing to the continuing wars that are killing innocent people to now being told that some of what is being shared may not be real.  Fake news.  Yikes!  What to believe?  Who to believe?  Who to trust?  Where do we, the everyday folks, go to feel secure?

Excerpt from my book  “Life is Good: When You Do the Work”……….the essay is called “Pursuing Our Own True Belief System” 

“it may be time to tune into our personal intuitive information station.  In order to do that we must be able to see the whole picture.  It is unfortunate that most of our mainstream news media brings only the sensational and negative information about what is occurring on our planet.  If there is any good news it is usually found at the bottom of the page.  It is important that we make a conscious positive intention to search for our own truth.  We can determine what we need to be informed and enjoy life in the day to day by connecting with our own meditative and intuitive thoughts and ideas that can support our own best interests”.

Meditation, yoga, prayer, good food, good friends, rest and exercise.  This is a good start. And there will be planetary support in 2017!  Jupiter, the planet that brings benefits is traveling through the sign of Libra throughout most of 2017.  Libra is the lover of humanity.  Libra wants harmonious relationships.  Libra wants peace and harmony.  This is the sign that will be prominent with regards to supporting the sharing of love and kindness however and wherever we can.  Saturn, the planet that brings lessons and challenges, will continue in Sagittarius.  The hopeful sign that looks for the ideals in life.

This is the perfect setup for each of us to take some kind of action.  One would ask “what can I do about it”? I have troubles of my own.  I have loved ones to take care of.  I have financial obligations.  I have health issues.  I have children or parents that need me.   Yes, yes, yes it is true we all have personal responsibilities. And yet we are all a part of Mother Earth’s Universal Family.

The Universe is powerful and we as part of the Universe are powerful as well.  So find a cause that is close to your heart.  The environment, abused women and children, the homeless, animals, political organizations, addiction, spiritual organizations.  There is so much that is needed.  And there are billions of people on the planet.  If each one of us truly focused on one area to support; we would feel so much better about ourselves and be able to make a difference. This is the only way.  The saying “be the change you want to see” has NEVER been more true than it is right now.  And that’s not FAKE news folks!  I advocate that we all choose something and dedicate ourselves to it in any way we can.  Time, energy, new ideas, financial support.  Even the smallest can be the fiercest.

I struggle with using the word “warrior” although there are peaceful warriors.  These are folks that fight the good fight by doing good.  I want to be one of those.  A peaceful warrior who is willing to spend each day thinking good thoughts and supporting Mother Earth in some form or fashion.  It is doable.  All it takes is dedication.

And with that I wish for all of us the spiritual support, strength of purpose, peaceful approach and a joy of living in the light in 2017.

Maria Francesca

http://www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com ……. smbworks@earthlink.net …… 310-548-1338

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Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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