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Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017

This will be one of the most powerful Full Moons of the entire year in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto (the transformer of the zodiac).  There is a David Bowie song with the words “take your protein pills and put your helmet on”.  It is a song that refers to the astronauts going into space. At times I feel we need to do just that.  Get out of our daily lives and take a trip to different realms.

This full moon will allow us to do just that.  It is time to connect to the powerful aspects of who you are.  Going within.  Way, way within.   

Scorpio is the detective who thinks nothing of delving into the unknown.  Scorpio is the sign that doesn’t give up until the mystery is solved.  Scorpio asks a lot of questions just like a good detective.  Time to tell the truth.  And exactly what is the truth?  The truth is that each of us needs to learn to trust the deep transforming powerful messages that come directly from Spirit. 

When I listen to music I have a habit of remembering certain verses of the songs I like the most.  Etta James….“Trust in me in all you do. Have the faith I have in you.” We need to have faith in Spirit within us.  There is so much support that we receive each day from our angels, spirit guides and teachers, and don’t forget our ancestors.  Learn to turn on the right station in your head and heart.  It’s like listening to the radio.  There are a lot of stations and yet there are only certain ones we truly enjoy.  

Emotions are going to run deeper and deeper as we head towards the culmination of this full moon experience on Wednesday.  So take advantage of what you are feeling as you examine your life.  Goals you are working towards; relationships you are questioning; motivation and energy you are putting into what you want to achieve. Are you going down the right roads?  Are your goals and desires based on an old paradigm?  Are you doing what you are doing because your parents told you to?  Or following an old pattern you just got used to.  Scorpio needs to be really passionate about something and Taurus needs to get the work done.  What a combo when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.  

We too often unintentionally or even unconsciously give away our power believing that the more we do the more value it will bring.  Not always true.  How can we be sure?  I believe that every once in a while we need to check in with ourselves.  Have a truthful conversation with you.  It takes courage to change.  I remind myself the words of Ernest Holmes.  Very simple, very powerful, very effective.  “CHANGE YOUR THINKING…CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.

To change our thinking we need to realize that we are what we think.  With this Scorpio Full Moon we will have the opportunity to, as stated above, go deep within to find the clues we need to uncover the truth about our motivations.  What is driving you?  Who is driving?  Where is the destination?  

Hopefully to a beautiful, joyful, passionate and purposeful life going forward.

I am always here to support the most positive vision for your life.  I am your astrological light beacon.  All you need to do is call, text, email or telepathically send me a message:)

Blessings from the stars, the planets and the constellations.

Maria Francesca @ http://www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com   smbworks@earthlink.net 

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