ASTROLOGY – Summer Solstice – Wednesday, June 21. 2017 … The Living is Easy….Especially when We Honor Mother Nature and All of Her Gifts

Summer Solstice

Here we are again.  Another reason to celebrate Mother Nature.  The Summer Solstice. How beautiful. Summertime.  This is when the Ancients did their rituals and ceremonies to honor Mother Earth and all that she provided for them.  They got their goodness “up close and personal”.  The bounty of nature was what they lived for and depended on.

We now go to a grocery store or market and many of us have little or no knowledge of what it takes for the food we eat to reach the shelves.  We spend many hours indoors hooked up to some technological device which is completely devoid of nature’s influence.

Open your doors, open your windows, plant some vegetables, get to a farmer’s market and celebrate all that nature provides us with.  Spend some time outdoors, take a hike, take a walk, say hello to the ocean, get in a boat.

Mother Nature is the natural healer.  The Sun is our friend.  When we feel the power of the sun we realize our own power.  We are natural creative beings.  Dr. Joan Goodall who has spent her life working with gorillas and monkeys tells us the similarities between us and the animal kingdom is so strong that we can learn from them.  An interesting concept.  There is a synchronicity and powerful connection in all of nature. The idea of that is very exciting to me.  I am always enthralled and amazed at the way nature cooperates.  As we celebrate the Summer Solstice let’s find best ways to cooperate and do all we can to be the best of who we are and what we do to share our goodness with others.

Take these next few days to examine your relationship with your inner and outer nature. With Sun traveling through the sign of Cancer from tomorrow until July 21/22 and the New Moon in Cancer on Friday; we have an opportunity to create new emotional responses to all that surrounds our life.  Cancer is a water sign considered to be the Mother of the Zodiac.  Cancer is well known for being a nurturing, caring, loving and kind mother.  Also ruled by the Moon.  Are you being your own best mother?  Are you capable of caring for yourself in a loving way so you can be the natural creative God/Goddess that the Divine wants us to be?  Slow your engine down.  Summertime is the season for paying close attention to the natural world.  We can only do that by being present in the moment to moment.  Stop the clocks.  Let the Sun warm your face.

Enjoy!  Wishing for you the ability to see the world, the planet and yourself with new eyes full of sweetness like children do with expectation and joyfulness.

Your Astrological Light Beacon,  Maria Francesca

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