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With all the information, insights and recommendations going around regarding this year’s Summer Solstice; I will trust my guides to support the best of what we can do moving forward.  Amidst all of the many changes occurring on our planet beyond what is happening astrologically; the Universe, the planet Earth and Mother Nature will continue to do what she knows intuitively how to do.

The Sun will rise and set at a specific time as it has done for millions of years.  The Moon will go from new to full as it has always done.  Fascinating how nature continues to thrive without interruption.  That being said; there is a confluence of planetary transits and aspects coming together similar to the movie “STAR WARS”.  Here is the breakdown:

Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Pluto are all in retrograde.  Moving in a backward motion.  All of them in juxtaposition to be seen and heard.  Five out of the ten planets carrying power and wanting attention.  All of this while the Sun is at its peak for the year.  Rising high and shining its powerful light on certain parts of the world.  The Sun just made its transit into the sign of Cancer opposite several of the retrograde planets in Capricorn.  This can be compared to a tug of war between father energy and mother energy.  Stern and practical vs. emotional and sentimental.  And throw in an eclipse for the fun of it along with a pandemic.

Even if it were not the Summer Solstice, what is occurring on our planet astrologically is somewhat unprecedented and calls for unprecedented actions.

Anger and fear and frustration and passionate emotions are all up close and personal.  Truly my friends I feel for everyone.  Each of us is experiencing some aspect of powerful emotional ties to whatever it is that has made us feel secure in the past.  Unfortunately many of  those emotional and material security blankets are no longer available or relevant or make sense due to events beyond our control.

Our emotional landscape is being plummeted by crisis and the need to create order within our own personal psyche is critical now.  We are setting the stage for the rest of 2020.  Passionate emotions, at times, calls for a cooling off period.  We are at high tide here and need to move away from the shore.  Detachment is necessary although challenging as we are being forced by regulations and a reality difficult to accept.

On this Summer Solstice Day find a way to honor yourself and your loved ones by following what our ancestors did to celebrate the Solstice.  This will help to quell the many fears we are all carrying with us.  We are in a somewhat free fall and the future is not as secure as it has been.

For today light candles, take a bath, journal out your fears.  Walk in nature.  Call a friend.  Give something special of yourself to someone in need.  There is much we can do.  Small deeds that produce large rewards.

The sign of Cancer, here with us until late July,  brings a much needed mothering nurturing energy.  Don’t get caught in the web of fear and anxiousness that is readily available in these tumultuous times.  By the Fall, several of the retro planets will move forward.  Mercury will go direct on July 8th.  All is not lost.  We must dig deeper within ourselves to come to a new spiritual, mental and physical landscape.  One which gives us strength, the ability to detach and the creation of a future making sense for the times.  The times they are a changing!  Where will you and your loved ones find yourselves?  The way to the future is to plan for the future.

Remember your astrological Sacred Birth Chart is your map.  It will give you clear directions for a new road to travel on.  Let me know if you need some new navigational tools.

Your Optimistic Realist,

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

Compassionate Communication

“Using Astrology as Therapy”

Goddess Retreat Leader

Author…”Life is Good..When You Do the Work

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About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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