Well here we are.  September is arriving and the sun has traveled to the sign of Virgo.  A full Corn Moon will appear in the sky on September 2 in the sign of Pisces.  A new moon will arrive in the sign of Virgo on September 17 and then we head towards the Fall season in all of its natural glory on September 22nd marking the Fall Equinox; a time of celebration of the harvest.  In earlier times there was much to celebrate and much to be concerned with as the winter months brought new challenges.  We, too, are experiencing new challenges as we do our best to celebrate as well as determine how we are going to survive our somewhat unknown future.

Looking back at last September, now would be the time of getting our children ready for another school year. I live a few doors down from a grade school.  In the past I have anxiously awaited the parade of parents and children with new backpacks and even some children so small they could hardly carry them on their backs.  Cameras sophisticated beyond anything I remember at the ready to capture the experience.  All rushing down the street with different emotional responses.

Not this year.  And I am sad this will not be available for either parents or children.  This is only one of many rituals we will not be experiencing as summer comes to a close and the fall harvest season begins. So the question remains;what can we do?  How can we celebrate the end of one season and beginning of another? We have heard the word “unprecedented” over and over.  We have heard “this is the first time in the history of….” many times throughout these past six months.

I believe that within this very vulnerable time, somehow, we are finding a way to not only survive; we can thrive because looking back in history we human beings have always found a way.  I have observed so many doing their best using intuition, creative instincts and an incredible resilience to find NEW ways of honoring life.  I have been fascinated by the powerful innovation and dedication of so many of my fellow men and women who are searching, out of necessity, for the new.  We have become the pioneers of the 21st century.  It is a strange new world and the only “steady as you go” we can depend on is the sun and the moon and their cycles.  Mother Nature continues to support us in every way she can.  The outdoors have become our healing centers.  The forest, the ocean, the desert.  All beaming and shining a light.

Each of us must find our own way to celebrate whatever you have done in the past six months to enhance and support your life and your loved ones.  Embrace the rhythms of nature and make way for this new season.  Each month we experience a new moon and a full moon and a cycling of the moon through the different signs.  Other important transits occur as well.  Pay attention to your astrological journey and use the information to support your life with a positive focus. Most of the month of September is ruled by the sign of Virgo.  Purity, honesty and a sense of purpose that is the driver for accomplishment.  Interesting that Labor Day is celebrated in September.

Be well my friends and know the power is within you.  Meditate, walk in nature, eat the best food and honor your spirit, mind and body.

I am here to support with recommendations and insights to create the most peaceful and passionate vision for your future.

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

“Using Astrology to Honor Your Uniqueness”

available on Zoom or FaceTime

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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