A special forecast for these next two months.  2021 will be a year like no other we have experienced in our lifetime.  A new AQUARIAN energy is arriving on our planet that will open our eyes to see the truth of why so much of what we have experienced since 2008 has been necessary.  This includes our present health crisis.  While we are feeling so much frustration, fear and confusion; behind the scenes events are being put into place for us to live a more fruitful, responsible and peaceful reality.  Mother nature is working overtime to compensate for our past mistakes.  New coral reefs are being created.  The oceans are beaming with freshness. New trees are growing. The air is cleaner than ever. We can do this. We are strong. We are resilient and we are FREE. 

A reevaluation of our health care system as well as our educational system will bring a new and more sustainable plan.  So please rather than living with negativity, overwhelm, fear and anger; do all you can to prepare for this major event with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto coming together on December 21, 2020 for the last time in the sign of Capricorn.  A period of major unrest throughout the world will need to come to an end so new doors can open.  Innovation of the highest order will be critical. 

Each of us will be responsible to live with the highest level of integrity and responsibility.  Start now.  Eat foods that will nourish your spirit, mind and body.  Drink clean water.  Rest whenever you are called to.  Keep your immune system strong.  It is the best anti-virus medicine available.  Connect with your personal spirit guides, angels and teachers.  Ask questions.  Pay attention to the innovations that science and the 5G technology are bringing just as we are entering the 5th Spiritual Dimension.  We are entering what is called The Great Awakening; exciting, concerning and rewarding all at the same time. Aquarius is the inventor, the innovator and the insightful one.

In order to transform, the old must die and a new way of being must be created.  It’s the “how to” that is challenging.  Isn’t it interesting that the election of a new leader who will hopefully transform whatever is necessary for our country to thrive also takes place in month of November.  Also, November is when we celebrate Thanksgiving. 

The month of November will definitely begin to open our eyes to what we can expect in 2021.  The last two months of 2020 will be pivotal as so much of our world is in crisis and we will truly need to have a plan for how we are going to navigate these new somewhat turbulent waters.  There will be a New Moon on November 15 and a  Full Moon on November 30.  Halleluiah that Mercury goes direct on November 3rd.  Remember that New Moons are for affirming what you want to bring into your life.  Full Moons are for letting go of what no longer serves your highest good.

Here’s a little Thanksgiving prayer to say with whoever you spend the holiday with:

We are thankful for our home as it restores us.  We are thankful for our loved ones as they are an extension of us.  We are thankful for our friendships because they feed our spirit.  We are thankful for our courage, our kindness and our compassion.  We are thankful for and celebrate everyone here today as we move forward knowing we are gifts to each other.  

Email me to support the most peaceful and powerful vision for your life.  I welcome your feedback, comments and/or questions.

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

“Using Astrology to Honor Your Uniqueness”

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About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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