Well, my dear friends, what can I say?  I want to cry for the people in Ukraine and their troubles yet not even done crying for the many people that lost their lives or continue in some way to be affected by the pandemic which is still with us.  And then there are the wildfires and the storms and floods and the tornados taking humans and animals and belongings.  All of this going on while there is a huge reconstruction of our democracy.

How can we humans manage the “big picture” while doing our best to live with some contentment and peace in our “little picture” personal lives.

I read an article recently about something called “radical acceptance”.   The idea is to observe what is happening with as much inner peace as possible.  When we can accept what is going on by asking ourselves what it is we can do to support the situation, we become warriors in a way.  Peaceful warriors whose mission is to provide positive love and light with whatever means one has to do that.  As the world and all of its machinations continue, we can only do as much as we can do.  Life goes on and it is obvious we humans need to become stronger and stronger.  Our physical as well as emotional and spiritual body experience is now calling for our attention as never before. We must be well protected and directed at what we can support.  

As always, we must realize that along with whatever is challenging in the world around us, there is much goodness as well.  Ask yourself what is it you are focusing on?  Do you get any news that is of a positive nature?  And finally, how is your immune system functioning?  We can be our best when we are truly healthy. 

The Universe operates on a natural level doing what it has done for millions of years.  The sun and moon have never disappointed us.  Just look at all of the pics folks post on sun ups and sun downs.   The planets continue to revolve around the constellations.  Each month we experience a New Moon and a Full Moon and every season brings an opportunity for a new energy. 

On Friday, March 18th, we will experience a full  moon in the sign of Virgo.  As we near the end of the sun moving through the sign of Pisces;  there will be a culmination of all of the emotional responses we have experienced collectively and individually this month.  The best way to take advantage of this coming full moon is to calmly connect with your own emotional responses.  Allow yourself to feel whatever is brewing inside of you.  Write about it.  Talk to a friend.  Talk to your coach, counselor or therapist.  Virgo wants life to be practical and organized and logical.  They are the consummate worker who knows how to organize life.  With the Pisces/Virgo connection, it can be a loving totality of all you are attempting to keep together. Do this by Sunday, March 20th if you can. 

On Sunday, March 20th, we get to celebrate the Spring Equinox.  Yes, my friends, I realize, some of you may ask, “what is there to celebrate”?  MOTHER NATURE!  She never disappoints.  Folks are flocking to experience the beauty and wonder of what has always been with us.  Best to honor and support that which nurtures and supports us.  The air we breathe and the food we eat and the many herbs that grow out of the ground to keep us healthy.  For now, let us do what we can to be grateful for all of it. The Sun will move to the sign of Aries. Spring will once again bring a fired up energy. Do what you can to use it wisely.

I wish I had a magic wand to make all of the sadness and ugliness go away and never return.  Alas, until we find ways to create peaceful conflict resolution; until we grow our emotional intelligence so we can use it to solve problems with the understanding of the consequences, until then, we must continue to pray for peace.  We must continue to focus on what is good about life on this beautiful planet.

Please feel free to reach out if there is any way I can be of support.  I am here as your astrological light beacon.  I am an optimistic realist.  I have experienced beautiful as well as horrid experiences in my life and yet I must believe in goodness!  There is no other way.

Sending Blessings and Wellness,

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Astrologist

The Optimistic Realist

Honoring our “Spirits Minds and Bodies” The Divine Trilogy 

Author “Life is Good…When You Do the Work”

Business and Personal Astrologer

Intuitive Tarot Counselor 

P.S.  I have some exciting new workshops and classes coming up.  Ask me about them.

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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