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SUN in LIBRA : Fall Equinox
September 22 to October 22, 2014 Time to Harvest All the Goodness

By Maria Francesca Triliegi


With the Sun entering Libra, the sign of the zodiac that is ruled by Venus, along with
the Fall Equinox, now is the time for friendship, kindness and affection to take center
stage. Libras are sensitive to the emotions of others. The Libra Personality will think
long and hard before speaking their minds as they have a very acute need for balance.
At times, a Libra personality would rather be, “nice than honest,” as the desire for
creating loving and peaceful relationships takes center stage. This does not mean they
should be taken advantage of as Libras make the best arbitrators as well as judges.
They are wise and fair and at a critical point, they know when to speak their minds.
Libras are enjoyable and easy to be around, they have a very sociable disposition.
So, eventually, they will indeed speak their mind.

Libra’s are great commentators and communicators and you will find them playing those
roles in society. Lawyers, judges, diplomats, decorators, event planners and social
workers are several of the many careers that work well for the Libra personality.
Challenges for Libras are mostly around their inability to make a decision and keep
all the different balls in the air that make up their very busy social life. Libras
need to learn to say NO without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. They are
quite popular and can easily be taken advantage of. I always recommend meditation to
all of my Libra clients. A daily 20 minute practice will be extremely helpful in creating
the inner balance necessary to navigate through the day. Keeping the ship steady no
matter how high the waves, is the goal for Libras to focus on.


The forecast for Libras going forward is to use all of their many beautiful qualities to
move forward with grace and ease. When the Sun shines its light on each one of our
astrological signs it remains in that place for a 30 day period. This is when we are the
most comfortable with our basic astrological personality. There are several transits
occurring for Libras that are “attention getters”. Jupiter, the planet that brings rewards
and benefits is in the sign of Leo, a kindred spirit to Libra. Creativity is running rampant
and Libras can now move forward with ideas. “Uranus in the 7th house in Aries is bringing a
need to re-evaluate close love relationships and partnerships as well as business partnerships, that include friendships. Uranus demands freedom. If any serious relationships are feeling
stuck; Uranus will create rebellion here. With Pluto continuing its transit through Libra’s
4th house considered to be the foundation area of our lives, transformation is happening
through changes in the family unit, a parent who needs your support because of illness or
even the death of a parent. Home life changes are evident as well; a change of residence
or major repairs & remodeling of your property. Pluto in the 4th house may bring serious
overall life awakenings.


The Libra influence for all of us for the next month is to contemplate what kind of
relationship we have with ourselves and with the world around us. Is there compassion,
kindness, tolerance and fairness in the way one relates to the self and others? Remember
that peaceful resolution can definitely include peaceful protest. I call it spiritual
communication. Which means that one can communicate how one feels without any intention
of hurting another. That trusting in the process that all one’s relationships are honest
and come from a loving place; the rest of life will be more rewarding, even within
the many challenges we all face in this complicated life. Astrology is one of several
timekeepers on our planet. Each sign receives gifts, challenges, changes and spiritual
awareness at different times of the year based on the movement of the planets. Astrology
can guide you in how to use the powerful tools available (likened to a road map). One
can learn how best times to move forward, to affirm desires, to accomplish goals and to
honor one’s spiritual and emotional life. All the while, examining the natural cycles of
time, nature and energy and the celestial universe.


Putting together the idea of communicators, arbitrators and commentators brings to mind
several Libra personalities. Barbara Walters (could talk her way into anyone’s private
life). Oscar Wilde, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Nora Roberts (all authors writing mostly about
love- Venus). Matt Damon, Will Smith, John Krasinski (all actors who are charismatic and
mostly play good guys). Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet, Naomi Watts (all female actors
whose beauty is definitely Venus ruled). Dwight Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, Ghandi
(politicians who looked at peaceful resolution first). John Lennon, Usher, Eminem
and Snoop Dogg (listen to their words; mostly about injustice). This is why I love
astrology, especially when you see the qualities of the sign being expressed openly.

Maria Francesca Triliegi is a certified astrologer, a personal growth motivator, a
teacher and a retreat leader. Maria is an avid writer, educator, chef and gardener.
Maria is also The BUREAU Editors

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