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Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017

This will be one of the most powerful Full Moons of the entire year in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto (the transformer of the zodiac).  There is a David Bowie song with the words “take your protein pills and put your helmet on”.  It is a song that refers to the astronauts going into space. At times I feel we need to do just that.  Get out of our daily lives and take a trip to different realms.

This full moon will allow us to do just that.  It is time to connect to the powerful aspects of who you are.  Going within.  Way, way within.   

Scorpio is the detective who thinks nothing of delving into the unknown.  Scorpio is the sign that doesn’t give up until the mystery is solved.  Scorpio asks a lot of questions just like a good detective.  Time to tell the truth.  And exactly what is the truth?  The truth is that each of us needs to learn to trust the deep transforming powerful messages that come directly from Spirit. 

When I listen to music I have a habit of remembering certain verses of the songs I like the most.  Etta James….“Trust in me in all you do. Have the faith I have in you.” We need to have faith in Spirit within us.  There is so much support that we receive each day from our angels, spirit guides and teachers, and don’t forget our ancestors.  Learn to turn on the right station in your head and heart.  It’s like listening to the radio.  There are a lot of stations and yet there are only certain ones we truly enjoy.  

Emotions are going to run deeper and deeper as we head towards the culmination of this full moon experience on Wednesday.  So take advantage of what you are feeling as you examine your life.  Goals you are working towards; relationships you are questioning; motivation and energy you are putting into what you want to achieve. Are you going down the right roads?  Are your goals and desires based on an old paradigm?  Are you doing what you are doing because your parents told you to?  Or following an old pattern you just got used to.  Scorpio needs to be really passionate about something and Taurus needs to get the work done.  What a combo when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.  

We too often unintentionally or even unconsciously give away our power believing that the more we do the more value it will bring.  Not always true.  How can we be sure?  I believe that every once in a while we need to check in with ourselves.  Have a truthful conversation with you.  It takes courage to change.  I remind myself the words of Ernest Holmes.  Very simple, very powerful, very effective.  “CHANGE YOUR THINKING…CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.

To change our thinking we need to realize that we are what we think.  With this Scorpio Full Moon we will have the opportunity to, as stated above, go deep within to find the clues we need to uncover the truth about our motivations.  What is driving you?  Who is driving?  Where is the destination?  

Hopefully to a beautiful, joyful, passionate and purposeful life going forward.

I am always here to support the most positive vision for your life.  I am your astrological light beacon.  All you need to do is call, text, email or telepathically send me a message:)

Blessings from the stars, the planets and the constellations.

Maria Francesca @ http://www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com   smbworks@earthlink.net 

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VenusSunday, March 12, 2017 – FULL MOON IN VIRGO OPPOSITE SUN IN PISCES                                                                          VENUS RETROGRADE IN PISCES/ARIES UNTIL APRIL 15, 2017

Let the games begin!

We know what Full Moons bring.  Emotions, emotions, emotions and sometimes out of control emotions.  We know what Venus brings emotions, emotions, emotions.  The Moon is our emotional thermometer and Venus is our emotional barometer.  Each one of these two powerful planets are indicators of how we process emotional experiences; especially those that have to do with love energy.  How we love ourselves and how we love others.  How we react and respond to what we believe love is.

With this Full Moon in an earthy sign (Virgo) opposite the Sun in a watery sign (Pisces) we have an opportunity to learn what it really means to balance the emotional with the practical.  Pisces energy is fluid.  Virgo energy is contained.  Earth needs water or it gets hard and crusty.  Water needs earth or there would be floods everywhere.  So you see we need both of these elements.  To make the case for Virgo and Pisces and how each one of these signs are critical to supporting our lives; we must be aware of the boundaries necessary for the practical and emotional aspects of life to come together in perfect balance.  Full Moons bring opportunities to bring opposites together by reflecting as well as restructuring according to the signs involved.

What makes this Full Moon on Sunday even more powerful is that Venus; the planet of love and beauty will be retrograde in Pisces on Sunday adding to the Full Moon experience.  Venus retrograde is considered to be quite a beautiful thing.  It gives us an opportunity to review what it is we believe LOVE brings to our life.  When a planet goes backwards it is if we can turn around and take one more look.  With love relationships; part of what is occurring is an opportunity to reflect on who the people were that have shared their love with you in the past as well as who the people are that share love with you now and finally what is the value of that love?  Venus brings love in many ways.  Love from people, love from possessions, love from self-worth and even love from our animals.

The sign of Virgo brings discernment.  Just what we need right now.  The ability to discern what love means to us up close and personal.  So here is what you can do to get the best from this Full Moon/Venus Retrograde transit on Sunday.  Take some time to journal out what you have received with regards to love from the past lovers of your life.  What did each one bring you that has made you a better person and if you are with the same love you have always been with; answer the same question.   If you are single and want to be loved; what is it you have to share with another person?  Then look around at what it is you love in the other areas of your life.  First and foremost how much do you love yourself?  Secondly how much love is shared with your loved ones?  And moving on from there; your prized possessions; your writings; your creative ideas; your roommates if you have them; and, of course, your animals.

I guarantee that once you have done this exercise you will be able to know more about what your true heart desire.  What have you given up to get what you want from love?      We know true love can only be had with compromise.  Ask yourself if you compromise too much or not enough.  And this works for whatever and whomever we give our hearts to. By the way, reflection is best when it can support our present and future experiences.  So don’t make this exercise a pity party.  Make it a power party.  You alone are in control of your happiness thermometer and barometer.  Learn to set the temperature to give you the most quality.

Enjoy the process of discovery!  Discovering just how much you give to love and for love and much you get from what you give.  Wow. Now that’s Spirit talking.

As always the astrological sign and house placement of both the Moon and Venus in your sacred birth chart will bring you closer to understanding the effects of how this Full Moon in Virgo/Venus Rx energy can support your life.  In all the years I have done this work I truly believe that astrological transits bring possibilities!  There is always a new way to reinvent; restructure; redefine and renew.  As the title of my book reminds us “Life is Good…When You Do the Work”.  

I will be writing another blog specifically addressing when Venus goes direct in Aries on April 15th.  For now be well and know that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!

Blessings from your Astrological Light Beacon, Maria Francesca

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With this Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo the fiery lion/lioness we are transmuting and experiencing an initiation of sorts.  Like the snake shedding its skin.

The Indian Medicine Tarot has a very interesting and powerful way of describing transmuting energy (snake) energy.  I want to quote from their description.  It succinctly describes what I believe is happening with this important astrological transit.

“The power of snake medicine is the power of creation, for it embodies sexuality, psychic energy, alchemy, reproduction, and ascension (or immortality). The transmutation of the life-death-rebirth cycle is exemplified by the shedding of Snake’s skin. It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, and that those things which might be experienced as poison can be eaten, ingested, integrated, and transmuted if one has the proper state of mind. Complete understanding and acceptance of the male and female within each organism creates a melding of the two into one, thereby producing divine energy. This medicine teaches you on a personal level that you are a universal being. Through accepting all aspects of your life, you can bring about the transmutation of the fire medicine. This fire energy, when functioning on the material place, creates passion, desire, procreation, and physical vitality. On the emotional place, it becomes ambition, creation, resolution, and dreams. On the mental place it becomes intellect, power, charisma, and leadership. When this Snake energy reaches the spiritual plane, it becomes wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to Great Spirit.”

With this Leo/Aquarius compliment we have the ability to transmute whatever thoughts, ideas, activities, goals and/or dreams need some kind of transformation before we can move forward and manifest the goodness that awaits us on the other side.

When we transform or transmute anything; we must go through a process of creating some kind of change or at the least a new kind of thought experience.  Change our Thinking…..Change our Life.

Allow and Accept that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  You are powerful and beautiful and magical.  Fire burns.  Air fans the fire.  Leo is fire and Aquarius is air.  Use these natural elements and become the magician of your life.

The solar eclipse is adding more fuel to the fire giving us more energy to transmute and transform.   This is a very exciting opportunity.

The astrological transits, new and full moons and eclipses are all gifts we are given freely from the Divine Universal Star System.  Planets, constellations, stars and asteroids all cooperating to support our lives spiritually, emotionally and physically.  All we are asked to do is pay attention and give them our gratitude.  We look through our telescopes and binoculars for these awe inspiring events.  If they are pleasing to look at; think about how powerful they are when we use them to support our life.  And remember the energy from this transit will remain open for our use for the next two days.

Sending peaceful thoughts and always reminding you that I am here as your Astrological Light Beacon to support the most powerful, passionate and positive vision for your life.

All my information and latest offerings are available at www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com

My book “Life is Good…When You Do the Work”  is going in for a second printing soon!  You can purchase it at my website.

Maria Francesca    

Maria Francesca Triliegi


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2017 . Year of Sharing Love and Kindness


I started this message yesterday on New Year’s Eve day 2016.  I was hoping to get it out before the New Year.  The more I thought about 2016 the more sad, confused, mad and unsure of the future I became.  So I decided to wait until this morning, the first day of 2017 to share my astrological as well as intuitive message regarding the year ahead.

When I woke up I did what I always do at the beginning of the day.  I opened the shutters in my living room and found that the sun is out and the birds are flying and the air is crisp and the rain made everything look alive again.  This alone is encouraging.  Then I made a cup of coffee with my favorite beans and the smell of the coffee made from beans that are grown by some farmer somewhere warmed my spirit.  Then I did my yoga practice.  And so it goes.  I was reminded of what I do love and enjoy about life on planet earth.

2017 will be the year to fall in love with all that we enjoy close and personal.  The simple pleasures of our day to day.  Everyone has a different vision and version of “up close and personal”.  The goal for 2017 is to truly pay attention to what is important and move on from there.

2017 brings much of what was left over from 2016.  We all know the uncertainty and unrest that still exists all over our planet.  From the political fiascoes we are experiencing to the continuing wars that are killing innocent people to now being told that some of what is being shared may not be real.  Fake news.  Yikes!  What to believe?  Who to believe?  Who to trust?  Where do we, the everyday folks, go to feel secure?

Excerpt from my book  “Life is Good: When You Do the Work”……….the essay is called “Pursuing Our Own True Belief System” 

“it may be time to tune into our personal intuitive information station.  In order to do that we must be able to see the whole picture.  It is unfortunate that most of our mainstream news media brings only the sensational and negative information about what is occurring on our planet.  If there is any good news it is usually found at the bottom of the page.  It is important that we make a conscious positive intention to search for our own truth.  We can determine what we need to be informed and enjoy life in the day to day by connecting with our own meditative and intuitive thoughts and ideas that can support our own best interests”.

Meditation, yoga, prayer, good food, good friends, rest and exercise.  This is a good start. And there will be planetary support in 2017!  Jupiter, the planet that brings benefits is traveling through the sign of Libra throughout most of 2017.  Libra is the lover of humanity.  Libra wants harmonious relationships.  Libra wants peace and harmony.  This is the sign that will be prominent with regards to supporting the sharing of love and kindness however and wherever we can.  Saturn, the planet that brings lessons and challenges, will continue in Sagittarius.  The hopeful sign that looks for the ideals in life.

This is the perfect setup for each of us to take some kind of action.  One would ask “what can I do about it”? I have troubles of my own.  I have loved ones to take care of.  I have financial obligations.  I have health issues.  I have children or parents that need me.   Yes, yes, yes it is true we all have personal responsibilities. And yet we are all a part of Mother Earth’s Universal Family.

The Universe is powerful and we as part of the Universe are powerful as well.  So find a cause that is close to your heart.  The environment, abused women and children, the homeless, animals, political organizations, addiction, spiritual organizations.  There is so much that is needed.  And there are billions of people on the planet.  If each one of us truly focused on one area to support; we would feel so much better about ourselves and be able to make a difference. This is the only way.  The saying “be the change you want to see” has NEVER been more true than it is right now.  And that’s not FAKE news folks!  I advocate that we all choose something and dedicate ourselves to it in any way we can.  Time, energy, new ideas, financial support.  Even the smallest can be the fiercest.

I struggle with using the word “warrior” although there are peaceful warriors.  These are folks that fight the good fight by doing good.  I want to be one of those.  A peaceful warrior who is willing to spend each day thinking good thoughts and supporting Mother Earth in some form or fashion.  It is doable.  All it takes is dedication.

And with that I wish for all of us the spiritual support, strength of purpose, peaceful approach and a joy of living in the light in 2017.

Maria Francesca

http://www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com ……. smbworks@earthlink.net …… 310-548-1338

See my website for special offers for Astrology Future Trends Forecasts for 2017 as well as other spiritual support I want to share with you.  Creating your own positive future vision is powerful when you are well informed as to what astrological transits are supporting you in 2017!

My yearly Astrology Celebration Lecture and Luncheon will take place on January 22, 2017 at Maria’s Casa in San Pedro.  Reserve your space as soon as possible.  We are going to keep reservations open until January 18th.  Watch for my email blast with details.





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Quoting from one of the essays in my book “Life is Good:  When You Do the Work”. 

The essay is called “WORDS”

“From happiness and delight to sadness and despair; words carry a lot of weight.  They can make us feel so good or so bad.  And now that we are sharing so much of who we are and what we think through blogging, tweeting, twittering and texting it is critical that we understand the weight of our words.  Words are a powerful form of communication meant to support, enhance, and explain who we are and what we want other people to know about us.  Words are thoughts made up of letters put together in such a way to create a message.  Most written and spoken words elicit some kind of emotional response.  Important to remember that our words are in direct relationship to our thoughts.  Our words create our belief system.  Words are  a powerful energy in and of themselves.  Words can be beautiful like musical notes, or indeed very toxic.  What words do you say every day that are habitual and negative?  What negative conversations are you having with yourself that you would like to have with someone else?  Words unsaid are as powerful as words that are said.  If we have a war going on inside our head we will experience a battleground in all aspects of our life our relationships.  Thoughts are messages that are made up of words.  Some of us are carrying around thoughts that have been in our mind for years and years and years.  Going over the same conversation again and again and again.    Old and toxic!  If today was the last day of your life is there anything in your mind that is disturbing you.  How many unspoken thoughts or words are still inside of you that you want to say to someone?   What can you do to say it to them today in an honest, compassionate and responsible way? “

Exercise:  When we speak or write with honesty and spirituality our throat chakra is open and the color is soft blue.   We do not need to get “all choked up”.  We can allow the words to flow like musical notes coming out of our mouth.  

This last Super Full Moon of the year is all about WORDS.  How we say them to ourselves and to others.  Gemini is considered to be the sign of the communicator.  A Gemini easily knows what to say, how to say it, when to say it and where to say it.  They do have the gift of “gab”. 

The gift of this SUPER FULL MOON in GEMINI is an opportunity to change (deep down inside) and heal any negative thoughts controlling our experience.  It is fascinating to me that thoughts are made up of words and some of them we have carried with us for eons of time.  Are they all necessary?  Is some of what you hear inside your head belong to the past?  This is truly a “CHANGE YOUR THINKING….CHANGE YOUR LIFE” moment in time. 

As the saying goes …our thoughts create our reality.  Fascinating to see the words that come out of our thoughts and turn into   our reality. 

If there are words that must be spoken to a loved one; take the time to consider how they will be received.  This means we must at least be aware of our loved one’s personal nature.  How they think and feel and how our words will affect them. Be present when you share.  Allow your words to be spoken with a caring and a loving approach.  Realize that what is right for us may not be right for others.  Gentle and peaceful.   I adore these words.  

Be aware that Gemini is lighthearted and sometimes can get overwhelmed with too much deep emotional input.  They are air signs and are able to move quickly when they communicate.  As each astrological sign has a gift to bring to the table; there are times we need to all take a cue from Gemini’s easy nature when it comes to “telling it like it is” and then moving on.  Sun and Moon and Rising Gemini folks will be feeling the urge to share coming on strong.  Full moons bring opposition.  Sagittarius is the other player in this scenario.  They go right to the heart of the matter.  These are two signs that when they are ready to share…..beware and/or be aware.  Fire and Air!  Use to your advantage. 

In the realm of the everyday situations; expect sudden changes in anything to do with travel, signing of contracts, speeches, lectures, presentations, interviews and words in general.  Look closely and deeply.  If you are traveling there could be communication snags along the way.  Do not allow anything to deter you from the joy of the moment; wherever you find yourself. 

Look up from that mechanical device occasionally. 

We are in the throes of “holiday madness” and with Mercury Retrograde beginning on December 19th; slow down to at least the speed limit of your energy levels.  Give yourself a time out from communication sources that spew negativity.  I wish I could start a news channel that only shares “good news” stories 24/7.  Believe me there are enough wonderful stories happening on our beautiful planet.   Yes, there are conflicts everywhere.  Why add to those by agreeing with what is negative?  Let’s do what we can to agree with what is uplifting. 

Sending love and light and always here to support the most positive vision for your life.

Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi


310-548-1338 – Office

707-292-1882 – Mobile



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Butterfly-with-Blue-Moon-WallpaperI chose this image because the butterfly represents transformation and every month the moon transforms itself from NEW to FULL. Interesting that the Moon knows when it has reached its fullness.  Throughout the month the moon does its work; builds up to a crescendo and shines its light as brightly as possible.  It then magically knows it is Full.  Nature’s intelligence obviously.  Afterwards it takes a few days of rest and begins the process all over again.  This happens on a monthly basis.  It must be that timing is everything where nature is involved.  The seasons know when to change and the Sun and Moon know when to rise and set.  I think about this phenomenon and am always in awe of the natural laws of the universe.

With this Full Moon in the sign of Taurus we can reflect on the power of nature.  We can realize that there are times when we do what needs to be done to feel the fullness of goodness in our lives.  And yes there are disappointments when we human beings do the work expecting the fullness to bring joy and joy is not reached.  I refer to the same joy we experience when we look out at the beautiful moon in its fullness.

Our humanity relies on nature as much as it relies on other human beings to do the the right thing.  We must realize not everyone agrees or desires what we desire.  All I can think about today is that nature does not have a FREE WILL as we humans do.  It follows laws and rules and regulations dictated by a Higher Force.

I ask that for the next two days we do all we can to celebrate the work we have done towards our own fullness and if it does not bring us the rewards we believe we deserve; there is always another month and another new moon and full moon.  Reward yourself with humility and compassion believing there is a higher power and it will prevail.

There is an awakening occurring throughout the world.  A new light is beginning to emerge and hopefully the more we humans look for righteousness that has kindness and compassion at its foundation we will be a part of the new paradigm being created.


Maria Francesca Triliegi   –   mariafrancescatriliegi.com – LOOK FOR MY HOLIDAY OFFERS  available soon ON MY WEBSITE – Contact me at  smbworks@earthlink.net 








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New Moon in Scorpio Oct 30

Cropped Scorpio

My version of the sign of Scorpio.  When I painted this I was thinking of how powerful Scorpios can be.  My vision includes the deep, colorful and happy Scorpion experience. Look closely at the image above and you will see a pink dragon above the dancing Scorpion.  This appeared unintentionally and yet is so significant to the power of the sign of Scorpio.

I have studied astrology for over 40 years starting with a reading of my sacred birth chart when I was quite the youngster.  I received my certification as a Professional Astrologer 24 years ago.   I have  charted hundreds of people and coached as many to support them in finding their true essence.  Out of all of the twelve signs we recognize in western astrology today; as far as I am concerned; there is NO sign as powerful as a Scorpio.  Being ruled by Pluto, the planet that demands transformation; Scorpios can go to the depths of fear, desire and emotion to create whatever transformation is necessary no matter what it takes.  This kind of power can be frightening and overwhelming yet when used to support what is good about humanity; find yourself a Scorpio!

I have a close loved one who is a Scorpio.  She is by far one of the bravest women I know. There is a quiet and always positive energy that she carries no matter what physical or emotional challenge comes knocking on her door.   I have several clients that are Scorpios and I find myself wishing I had some of their resilience, undeterred energy and fearlessness.  The reason I am explaining this in my blog today is due to the fact that all the signs of the zodiac have an opportunity to reach deep down and access your own transformation through fearlessness.

These next two days can be powerful in guiding each of us to the essence of who we are without all of the outer trappings society places on us.  Who we are, what our purpose is and how to embrace and honor it.  This is what the New Moon in Scorpio is doing to shine a light on our inner warrior.  Scorpio rules our root chakra!  This is where the foundation of our beliefs is located.  This is where our sexuality, sensuality and emotional core can be found.  Stripped down and “for real”.  Ask yourself if you are “for real”.  This means living in your light and finding a way to shine brightly.

I am always here as your Astrological Light Beacon.  Call, email or text (ugh) me and I will do my best to shine a light on your true essence.

Sending peace, prosperity and power covered with love, compassion and kindness,         Maria Francesca 

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The sign of Aries is actually the first sign of the Zodiac Calendar.  Time to get fired up!  Aries is the starter, the confident, fiery, exciting and always ready for something new personality.  They have a childlike energy that can be quite contagious.  This is why so many of us grownups still want to go to Disneyland or some amusement park.  These places bring us back to our childlike self.  With this Super Full Moon in Aries it is time to move forward.

Time to decide once and for all what is NOT working in your life.  Although there can be anger associated with this fiery energy; use it to create the changes you want to see in your goals and desires for the future.   Opportunity knocks although with this Full Moon it does it without sympathy.  Speaking up, especially to yourself about what you know to be true and what you need to do now to move forward.  No blame or shame.  No pity party.  They say that “the truth hurts” and sometimes it has to in order to wake us up and realize where we have been complacent.

Take advantage and be honest.  Have the courage of your convictions.  We all know deep down inside what we need to do.  If you aren’t sure; just pay attention to how you are feeling emotionally.  What’s bubbling up?  I always recommend journaling.  Let your words be your guide to the truth.  If you are angry, frustrated or upset ask yourself what it is really about.  Use this energy to empower your life; even if you have to fight the good fight and push through to the other side.

Positive things await us when we are determined like an Aries to do the work necessary.  Aggressive and confident with fiery energy to take the necessary actions.

I am always here as your Astrological Light Beacon.  Call or email me.



Maria Francesca Triliegi

Your Astrological Light Beacon

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999 – FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 9, 2016


September = 9

September 9 = 9

2016 = 9

Nine is a master number.  Nine is the number of completion.  In numerology; the number nine is considered the Angelic number.  To me the most important value of the number nine is that NINE months is how long it takes for the culmination of a human being arriving on the planet.  How amazing that in 9 months there is a powerful completion of the human anatomy.

Today is a pivotal day.  Today is a day to COMPLETE all that needs to be finished.  Fini! We have an opportunity to close major doorways of the mind where negativity has made a home.  Once we clear away what we have hoarded to protect us; we provide a readiness for a NEW LIGHT to enter our life.  We are rising up to what is known as the 5th dimension.  In this new awakening the energies of positive and negative become much more evident.  And the battle against nefarious entities (fear, hatred, judgement) rages on.  What side will you take?  What dimension of life are you living in?  It has been proven over and over and over that living a stressful life is one of the major components of illness.

We are born with all that we need spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.                In 9 months time we become this incredible creation.  All we need to do is watch innocent children.  They are the most trusting souls on the planet.  This is what the Universe gives us as part of our human package.  Who do you trust?  We must pay closer attention to our own internal intuitive support system.  There is a powerful Angelic Realm ready to work for us.  They surround us every day.  Call them out.

Use today to decide what you want to begin anew.  Let go of old habits that no longer serve you.  Review what you believe to be true about your life.  Allow the Angelic Realm to support your vision.  Negative situations, relationships, health challenges can now be reassessed especially with Mercury Rx in Virgo.  Virgo rules the physical body.  The word retrograde means to go back and review your position to determine its value overall.

We are powerful beings.  We are given a creative intelligence that is so amazing all we need to do is look around at the many creations and inventions that come out of human’s creative process.  We even call some of them miracles.  Intelligence always available to us.  All we need do is ask.

999 = Endings and new beginnings.  Life and death.  Transformation occurring all the time.  Ask yourself what you can transform today.

Angel Power Rules!

I wish for you a day of reflection, transformation and elation!  I am always here to support your most positive vision for your life now and in the future.

Sending Angel Blessings,

Maria Francesca

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Is this the summer of our discontent?  So much going on universally and astrologically. I’ve been wanting to write for weeks now to share my thoughts regarding how we need to live our lives within all of what is occurring on our beautiful planet.

I have found the only place I can be at peace these days is when I am in a natural setting.  Walking through a forest, or a park or at the ocean allowing the waves to wash away my fear, concern, sadness and frustration.  I find myself needing to feel the energy of our lovely Mother Earth as she still has a way of nurturing me that is powerful and delightful.

We are definitely in a time of huge reconstruction of all of the major structures we have come to depend on.  These include world governments, the financial markets, our education and health care systems as well as the environment affecting the food we eat and the air we breathe.   Each day I search for a glimpse of the goodness that will come from this reconstruction.  When the rebuilding is complete; will we have better systems all the way around?  Will we be able to be at peace in our hearts and in our minds?  How much can be expect to be different?

Pluto, the planet that brings with it a powerful force that demands death of old ways and renewal to something better is traveling through Capricorn.  Capricorn is considered to be the head state astrologically.  This sign is in the most responsible position in our natural horoscope.  It is the Father of the Zodiac.  With Pluto here we are seeing a major upheaval of many of the systems I mentioned above.  It is challenging at best for us mere human beings to try and understand much less process all of negativity that is surrounding what appears to be destruction of the old.  And yet, and yet and yet what an opportunity each one of us has as individuals in honoring and living in what we know is the right way in a society that is as complex as ours.

We must look deeper, pay more attention to news medias that are giving us a somewhat balanced view of what is occurring and do all we can as spiritually evolved, fully conscious and hopeful peoples.  I have vowed to do all I can to stay in a place of enlightened awareness.  I make an effort every day to focus on what I know is beautiful about humanity to assure that I am a part of the more enlightened society we are working towards.

This is my recommendation.  Spend your days and nights living your life to the fullest.  Enjoy, protect and love those that matter to you.  Be a RESPONSIBLE member of your community.  Get involved in something small or big that is a part of creating the enlightened society we all desire.  Banish the negativity from your life on every level.  The food you eat, the food you feed your family, the thoughts you think and the words you say.  These all matter.  I promise you that.

In September Jupiter, the planet that brings a new and wonderful light to all that is good and abundant. will move to the sign of Libra, the sign that governs peace, harmony and positive relationships.  Meditate on how you can be a force for good in creating the kinds of relationship we all know must include a more compassionate and kind way of  living with other human beings.

I send you peaceful thoughts and ask that healing light surround your life.  Always know that I am here as your astrological beacon of light to support the most positive vision for your life.


Maria Francesca Triliegi


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