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We can certainly use some good news!  With all of the vitriol and negativity swirling through our universe; the idea of positive thinking is at a premium.

Jupiter traveling to the sign of Sagittarius for the first time since late 2006 can bring some welcome relief.  It will be stationed here all throughout 2019.    We have an opportunity  to change the way we are responding to what feels like a hurricane or tornado that does not come from Mother Nature of anger, resentment, ugliness and op-positional forces so damaging to our spirits.

Optimism is what Sagittarius stands for.  Inspiration is what Sagittarius stands for.  Feisty, Fiery and desiring Freedom!  This is what is at the core of the Sagittarius nature. With care and understanding of what needs to be done; we can break free from what is NOT truly in our heart.  Sag is the adventurer who is willing to explore.  The traveler who loves the idea of being nurtured by new vistas.  Even if it is only in our minds and hearts that the new adventure lives; it can still bring satisfaction.

Whenever a planet moves to a new sign it brings with it a gale force of energy and it is up to each of us to pay attention.   Yes, it is true that knowing some of the basics about your sacred astrological birth chart will be necessary to reap the rewards awaiting you.  Where does Sagittarius live in your life?  Important to find out which of the 12 houses or life areas will be gifted with new energy to support your overall life.

There is a song from the 1940’s written by Johnny Mercer.  These words fit nicely for the Jupiter in Sagittarius experience:

You’ve got to accentuate the positive
Eliminate the negative
Latch on to the affirmative
Don’t mess with Mister In-Between

Sounds simple doesn’t it?  And yet; we live in a world at the present time that makes these words feel too simplistic.  Due to the fact that I am a believer of goodness even when tragedy strikes; I must continue to trust that if  my thoughts and actions come from a positive place and I share the beauty, wonder and sweetness of this universal journey that it is possible to live with a spiritually aware and positive thinking attitude.

Leaving you with the knowing that you are powerful and in the words of Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind Guru) “Change Your Thinking…Change Your Life”,

Maria Francesca                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     707-292-1882





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Taurus New Moon ~ Uranus New Taurus ~

Taurus New Moon



WOW!  This new moon and transit of Uranus in Taurus will bring deep and strong and meaningful change.  This New Moon in Taurus along with the Sun and Uranus are bringing us an opportunity to dig deep into the heart of all that matters in our lives.

Taurus is ruled by Venus.  Goddess of love and beauty.  Taurus is also an earth sign and with Uranus making its debut in this sign we can expect to see changes in what we consider to be love and beauty.  Taurus is also practical, hard working and focused on security; especially with regards to value.  Finances, food, home and family.  These are the basics that make up our lives.  With changes coming in these areas of our lives; we can and we should take close inventory on how we are honoring and respecting and caring for our these important life areas.

We can do better.  We must do better.  Consumerism and how we value it has absolutely deblitated our earth.  For the next seven years we are going to experience massive change in our own personal view of value as well as earth changes that will awaken us to desire a more responsible way of living.  This applies to what we consider to be the basics of life.  Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac.  Their archetype is the Bull.  Strong and stubborn.  Taurus looks for security that does not have too many changes.  They want steadfastness and always need to know things will work out.  Uranus on the other hand is called the “Awakener”.  It’s job is to bring change; sometimes rather unexpectedly.  Taurus is resistant to the unexpected.

So how will these two energies affect us?  Watch for changes and new awareness of how we can care for the earth in a more environmentally resposnible way.  Watch for how each of us will suddenly begin to examine (up close and personal) where we spend our money.  How much does the interest on those credit cards consume your income?  What do we need vs. what do we believe according to the “fashion powers that be” we need.

Now is the perfect time to create a new agenda for our lives.  No longer living in the past with regards to how we perceive value.  Personal power is up for grabs.

It is time for a new direction.  It is time to liberate ourselves from what no longer makes sense with regards to what we are carrying around that is way too heavy and cannot sustain us .  This relates to every area of life that we LOVE.  And when you think about it that includes money, clothes, housing, jewelry, food.  Taurus lives to enjoy all that this life can provide.  There is so much available to us without having to break the bank or break our backs in order to enjoy life.

As I was brought up in an Italian household I was taught to enjoy the basics of life   From the food we ate to the clothes my Mom made for us to wear; we appreciated the simplicity and beauty that surrounded us.  In today’s world there is an artifical mandate that pushes us beyond our means for objects that truly have little value.

Hopefully this Uranus in Taurus experience will shake us up (yes earthquakes and other weather changes) notice the Hawaiian volcano eruption; so we can re evaluate what is truly valuable in our lives.

Where is Uranus in your sacred birth chart?  If you are a Taurus or your Moon or ascendant are in this sign; you will feel more of an immediate need to be innovative in the way you are living your life.  An “awakening” will happen quickly.  Of course, Uranus moving to a new sign will impact all of us.  We will search for a different set of values in some areas of our lives.  Career changes as well as home and relationships will be examined more closely.  Important to know that every sign will be affected in some way and different age groups will experience this energy differently.   The fixed signs will notice a push/pull energy.  Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio; all considered fixed signs need to look at where they are too fixed (which denotes stubbornness and an unwillingness to change).   The earth signs will feel more at home with this Uranus transit.  The fire and air signs other than Leo and Aquarius will come to the table more willingly with regards to what needs to be done for change to happen where necessary.

Always remember that Astrology is a “tool to guide us to live life with peace, personal power and passion”.

I am offering URANUS in TAURUS readings.  For those of you whose chart I already have; I can go ahead and let you know the where, how and why Uranus will affect you.  Reading will be sent via email.  If you prefer an MP3 recording there will be an extra charge.  For new clients I will need your birth vitals.  Date, time and place of birth.  PM me on Facebook or email me at 

I am as always your Astrological Light Beacon.

Venus Blessings to All, Maria for Marketing educator, published author, astrologer, Goddess retreat leader, spiritual coach

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Spring EquinoxHappy Spring Equinox

Spring Equinox arrives on Tuesday, March 20th at 9:16am PDT/ 12:16pm EDT/ 4:16pm GMT. This is also the beginning of the astrological calendar year with the Sun traveling through the sign of fiery, feisty Aries.  Aries love adventure.  They love new information, knowledge and are known for their curiosity.  These are perfect qualities for beginning the new year. Ask yourself what NEW life experiences you want to create this coming astrological year.

I had a lovely discussion with a friend regarding the fact that we bring so much of who we already are to life that renewal, restoration and refocus are easier in a way then the idea of beginning something altogether NEW and DIFFERENT.

Remember we are living  in New Age as it is called.  We are now to be responsible for ourselves and others in a way that brings a sense of joyfulness and hopefulness.  To me this is how I define my Spirituality.  With the recent loss of my sweet son Michael John, I truly believe if I did not have my Spiritual practice I would not be here today.  The huge crack in my heart chakra has definitely taken me down some pretty darkened roads and dropped me into what I call “rabbit holes”.  The only place I can turn to when this happens is to Spirit.  The Divine and the Universal Gods and Goddesses.  This is where my strength lies.  I must embrace the fact that this is Michael’s journey and no matter how much I feel the pain of his death and my loss; I can still be a force for good in guiding others to heal themselves.  I constantly search for NEW ways of presenting information and insights to move all of us closer to living in peace and harmony with the natural world around us.

What will your new journey be?  Ask yourself those important questions.  Pick two or three qualities you would like to embrace and seek out new ways of bringing them into your life.  It can be the littlest of change that can send a cascade of excitement and energy into your life.  This is what Spring desires for us.

Please know it is not always necessary to experience a loss to create a new way of life in some area for yourself. We can use the energy that the Spring Equinox brings and plant NEW seeds with soil and fertilizer we may have never used before. Spring is the time of the year when the farmer looks at his field or acreage and even though he may have planted potatoes for many years; he/she may decide a NEW crop can be just as fruitful, profitable and even more exciting.

We are certainly moving towards a NEW way of life.  This has happened because of choices made; sometimes by others.  Due to these changes we must change.  So be it!  Let’s find ways of creating our own personal new experiences by doing the necessary inner work to accomplish the goal.  I have friends that have moved to a whole new part of the country.  They have had to become new people, wearing different clothes, eating different foods and making new and different friends.  These are all examples of living with newness.

Let your Spirit lead the way.  Become an explorer.  Start a new chapter in the book of your life.  Start a new book if you have to.  Pansies, daffodils, tulips and hyacinths.  All Spring flowers.  Bring them into your home.  Let Spring in.
There is a song I love that reminds me of Spring.  “When the red red robin comes bob bob bobbin’  along .  There’ll be no more sobbin’ when he starts throbbin’ his old sweet song.  Wake up wake up you sleepy head get up get up get out of bed.  Cheer up cheer up the sun is red.  Live love laugh and be happy”.
Sending Sunshine and Springlike Happiness,
Maria Francesca

Mercury Retrograde, March 22, 2018 – This info was found on the “net”

This Equinox has an interesting twist to it however, as Mercury goes retrograde March 22, right on the heels of the Equinox.Mercury, the messenger, ruled by Gemini, the Communicator, goes retrograde till April 15th. Retrogrades are about looking back.Our thinking slows down, we make poor choices on the fly. We must ponder and consider the changes we want to make.  Late April or May be the time you implement your Spring Equinox ideas, as they may be stalled prior to that. See set backs as a gift. What did you miss here? What did you forget? What didn’t you consider? Figure that out so when you do make a move, its the right move.

And this Mercury is also in Aries, as is the Sun. There is a lot of power in Aries. It’s the first sign of the Zodiac, the Leader, the Loner, the Explorer and the first of the Fire Signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. He is raw power. He is the God of War. His energy surpasses no other, so when you are faced with fuzzy thinking and the desire to go, not now, but yesterday, you’re in a tricky place. Use that poor tired mind of yours to calm yourself (have you been meditating??) and SLOW DOWN! Because your energy is going to be intense and hard to control. Just plan, review, review and more review so you can pounce in late April or May fully ready for anything!






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Here Comes the Sun joining together in Leo with a New Moon and Mars



The Sun will enter the sign of the Lion on July 22 at 5:16 AM, and will be at 0 ° 44 ‘of the sign at the exact moment when it merges with the Moon.

Mars entered Leo on July 20 at 14:20 at 1 ° 52 ‘while the Moon will enter joining the Sun at 11:46 on July 23rd.

In the words of George Harrison

Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter
Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

Little darling, the smiles returning to the faces
Little darling, it seems like years since it’s been here
Here comes the sun
Here comes the sun, and I say
It’s all right

This is how I feel when the Sun travels to the sign of Leo.  It is as if we get to awaken from whatever emotional morass we have been in with the Sun in the sign of Cancer.  Don’t get me wrong!  I love Cancers.  Emotional and moody and feisty and loving all at the same time.  

Respite is on the way.  It’s okay to get excited, fired up and creative.  Even within all of the pain and suffering we know exists in the world.  Why not paint a pretty picture in your head and see all the beauty that surrounds us.  When we look at nature we have to admit there is creativity everywhere.  The early artists painted nature in a myriad of ways as that is where they saw beauty.  It’s still there!  At least for now.    

These last few months until the end of the year are ripe for creating a new reality with important planets still moving through fire and air signs.  With Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries; find your passion.  Use the air and fire signs to lift yourself up.  

Uranus in Aries wants us to be like children where life is exciting and innocent.  Do your best to say goodbye to those emotions, thoughts or even words spoken to you by others that you are still carrying around from the past where you find pain and suffering following you like little children wanting attention.  Every day is a new day.  An opportunity to create your emotional response as well as set goals that match your desires.  

Jupiter in Libra wants peace and harmony.  Saturn in Sagittarius wants life to reflect more of the positive. I adore the words JOY and PEACE and LOVE even if, for some, they sound like cliches.  It is a struggle to make these words fit into our vocabulary in a very real way.  I know, I know. This is not the 60’s anymore and Dorothy is not in Kansas.  Well maybe Dorothy went somewhere more fun than Kansas and found the real wizard. And the energy from the 60’s is still available.  Maybe I’m just a hippie girl who enjoys the roses in my garden and the fresh tomatoes I am picking while I listen to George Harrison singing “Here Comes the Sun”.   

When the new year 2018 begins life will get heavier and denser with several of the transiting planets that “run things” moving to earth and water signs.  It is critical to get ready now.  Put your life in order for hunkering down.  A more serious attitude is going to be necessary with Jupiter moving to Scorpio and Saturn moving to Capricorn and Uranus moving to Taurus.

My yearly lecture/luncheon in January will address all of the many changes we will experience universally and personally.  I will also be offering specials on Future Trends Forecasts.  Email me if you are interested in more information.  For now enjoy the ride.  The sun shines bright throughout the month of August.  It is at its peak in the sign of Leo.

I wish for you a Lion/Lioness roar that can be heard far and wide!  Call me, email me or send me a telepathic message.  I am here to inspire, support, guide, recommend and help release you from the chains that bind you.  Astrology is a powerful tool that reveals so much of who you are.  This is where the magic is!

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Your Astrological Light Beacon 

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ASTROLOGY – Summer Solstice – Wednesday, June 21. 2017 … The Living is Easy….Especially when We Honor Mother Nature and All of Her Gifts

Summer Solstice

Here we are again.  Another reason to celebrate Mother Nature.  The Summer Solstice. How beautiful. Summertime.  This is when the Ancients did their rituals and ceremonies to honor Mother Earth and all that she provided for them.  They got their goodness “up close and personal”.  The bounty of nature was what they lived for and depended on.

We now go to a grocery store or market and many of us have little or no knowledge of what it takes for the food we eat to reach the shelves.  We spend many hours indoors hooked up to some technological device which is completely devoid of nature’s influence.

Open your doors, open your windows, plant some vegetables, get to a farmer’s market and celebrate all that nature provides us with.  Spend some time outdoors, take a hike, take a walk, say hello to the ocean, get in a boat.

Mother Nature is the natural healer.  The Sun is our friend.  When we feel the power of the sun we realize our own power.  We are natural creative beings.  Dr. Joan Goodall who has spent her life working with gorillas and monkeys tells us the similarities between us and the animal kingdom is so strong that we can learn from them.  An interesting concept.  There is a synchronicity and powerful connection in all of nature. The idea of that is very exciting to me.  I am always enthralled and amazed at the way nature cooperates.  As we celebrate the Summer Solstice let’s find best ways to cooperate and do all we can to be the best of who we are and what we do to share our goodness with others.

Take these next few days to examine your relationship with your inner and outer nature. With Sun traveling through the sign of Cancer from tomorrow until July 21/22 and the New Moon in Cancer on Friday; we have an opportunity to create new emotional responses to all that surrounds our life.  Cancer is a water sign considered to be the Mother of the Zodiac.  Cancer is well known for being a nurturing, caring, loving and kind mother.  Also ruled by the Moon.  Are you being your own best mother?  Are you capable of caring for yourself in a loving way so you can be the natural creative God/Goddess that the Divine wants us to be?  Slow your engine down.  Summertime is the season for paying close attention to the natural world.  We can only do that by being present in the moment to moment.  Stop the clocks.  Let the Sun warm your face.

Enjoy!  Wishing for you the ability to see the world, the planet and yourself with new eyes full of sweetness like children do with expectation and joyfulness.

Your Astrological Light Beacon,  Maria Francesca

“Life is Good….When You Do the Work”….Available for Purchase…My Book 

Special for Readings in June/July….3 Questions I will answer via Email….$50 




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Astrology Full Strawberry Moon Sagittarius – Today June 9, 2017 – Feel the Fire and Say It Anyway…With Compassion


Fired Up

To the Point

Tell the Truth to Yourself and to Others

This Full Moon in Sagittarius is going to give you the desire and confidence to tell YOUR truth. Alas your truth may be very different than someone else’s.  Remember we humans experience life, challenges, love and a myriad of situations in different ways so do your best to be kind as you express your direct, fired up, to the point, truthful concerns, desires and “wish you could be” whatever to your loved ones, friends, workmates and especially those people that drive you crazy.

There will be disappointments as Sagittarius is the idealist.  It is wonderful to have ideals as long as we realize that’s what they are.  Ideals!   Our ideals may not always be practical.

Gratitude is an attitude.  It is what becomes your life’s philosophy.  When you live your life from gratefulness, it is amazing what occurs.  Each day is an opportunity.  Be aware of all of the possibilities you can and in fact, for most of the day, you do exactly what you want to do.  Some aspect of your consciousness is making decisions for you.  All you need do is get control of the decision maker and the two of you sit down and have a talk about how you can improve on the decisions you make.  Even the ones inside your head.

So keep a low profile for today.  Be sweet and maybe even learn a new way of communicating with yourself and with others.

I am always here as your Astrological Light Beacon.  Let me help you find the way to your most passionate, peaceful and powerful self.

Namaste, Maria Francesca Triliegi                         



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Gemini 2017 readings Maria Triliegi (002)


This is the week for realizations and affirmations and visualizations all in the name of MANIFESTATION .  This is the week for arriving at new conclusions, decisions and future visions of what you want to happen.  

I recommend you do all you can with this super duper NEW MOON in Gemini (these are the word game folks) to reinforce what you desire for yourself and the good of all your loved ones.

If you did the work of letting go of what you no longer need with the last powerful FULL MOON in Scorpio; you should be all set to start traveling down some lovely new roads.

I have a good friend who has completely changed her life and is living in a camper as she travels to new places and experiences lovely new people and places and things.  Every day she posts (with excitement no less) where she is and what she sees and feels.  I believe if we can do that; how great.  If not then do your best to begin creating these images of new experiences in your spirit and mind.  This is what visualization is all about.  

Sun in Gemini and Moon in Gemini with Jupiter in Libra and Saturn in Sagittarius. These are all kindred spirits.  Each supporting the other in some powerful way.  This is what the healing arts provides for us.  A combination of different energies coming together to support us.  For several years I have taught different courses on how to best take advantage of what the Spirit world has to offer.  One of my courses is called “USE THE TOOLS”.  You can have the best tool box in the world and yet if you don’t take them out and use them they have no value.  

So here goes…..SEE IT and SAY IT and FEEL IT and BELIEVE IT.  



NAMASTE,         310.548.1338

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Cropped Scorpioscorpio1

Full Moon in Scorpio on May 10, 2017

This will be one of the most powerful Full Moons of the entire year in Scorpio, ruled by Pluto (the transformer of the zodiac).  There is a David Bowie song with the words “take your protein pills and put your helmet on”.  It is a song that refers to the astronauts going into space. At times I feel we need to do just that.  Get out of our daily lives and take a trip to different realms.

This full moon will allow us to do just that.  It is time to connect to the powerful aspects of who you are.  Going within.  Way, way within.   

Scorpio is the detective who thinks nothing of delving into the unknown.  Scorpio is the sign that doesn’t give up until the mystery is solved.  Scorpio asks a lot of questions just like a good detective.  Time to tell the truth.  And exactly what is the truth?  The truth is that each of us needs to learn to trust the deep transforming powerful messages that come directly from Spirit. 

When I listen to music I have a habit of remembering certain verses of the songs I like the most.  Etta James….“Trust in me in all you do. Have the faith I have in you.” We need to have faith in Spirit within us.  There is so much support that we receive each day from our angels, spirit guides and teachers, and don’t forget our ancestors.  Learn to turn on the right station in your head and heart.  It’s like listening to the radio.  There are a lot of stations and yet there are only certain ones we truly enjoy.  

Emotions are going to run deeper and deeper as we head towards the culmination of this full moon experience on Wednesday.  So take advantage of what you are feeling as you examine your life.  Goals you are working towards; relationships you are questioning; motivation and energy you are putting into what you want to achieve. Are you going down the right roads?  Are your goals and desires based on an old paradigm?  Are you doing what you are doing because your parents told you to?  Or following an old pattern you just got used to.  Scorpio needs to be really passionate about something and Taurus needs to get the work done.  What a combo when the Sun is in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.  

We too often unintentionally or even unconsciously give away our power believing that the more we do the more value it will bring.  Not always true.  How can we be sure?  I believe that every once in a while we need to check in with ourselves.  Have a truthful conversation with you.  It takes courage to change.  I remind myself the words of Ernest Holmes.  Very simple, very powerful, very effective.  “CHANGE YOUR THINKING…CHANGE YOUR LIFE”.

To change our thinking we need to realize that we are what we think.  With this Scorpio Full Moon we will have the opportunity to, as stated above, go deep within to find the clues we need to uncover the truth about our motivations.  What is driving you?  Who is driving?  Where is the destination?  

Hopefully to a beautiful, joyful, passionate and purposeful life going forward.

I am always here to support the most positive vision for your life.  I am your astrological light beacon.  All you need to do is call, text, email or telepathically send me a message:)

Blessings from the stars, the planets and the constellations.

Maria Francesca @ 

PLAY/WORKSHOP “THEN and NOW” HOW TO CREATE A JOYFUL FUTURE                      June 3rd – My Casa – Email me for details.

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VenusSunday, March 12, 2017 – FULL MOON IN VIRGO OPPOSITE SUN IN PISCES                                                                          VENUS RETROGRADE IN PISCES/ARIES UNTIL APRIL 15, 2017

Let the games begin!

We know what Full Moons bring.  Emotions, emotions, emotions and sometimes out of control emotions.  We know what Venus brings emotions, emotions, emotions.  The Moon is our emotional thermometer and Venus is our emotional barometer.  Each one of these two powerful planets are indicators of how we process emotional experiences; especially those that have to do with love energy.  How we love ourselves and how we love others.  How we react and respond to what we believe love is.

With this Full Moon in an earthy sign (Virgo) opposite the Sun in a watery sign (Pisces) we have an opportunity to learn what it really means to balance the emotional with the practical.  Pisces energy is fluid.  Virgo energy is contained.  Earth needs water or it gets hard and crusty.  Water needs earth or there would be floods everywhere.  So you see we need both of these elements.  To make the case for Virgo and Pisces and how each one of these signs are critical to supporting our lives; we must be aware of the boundaries necessary for the practical and emotional aspects of life to come together in perfect balance.  Full Moons bring opportunities to bring opposites together by reflecting as well as restructuring according to the signs involved.

What makes this Full Moon on Sunday even more powerful is that Venus; the planet of love and beauty will be retrograde in Pisces on Sunday adding to the Full Moon experience.  Venus retrograde is considered to be quite a beautiful thing.  It gives us an opportunity to review what it is we believe LOVE brings to our life.  When a planet goes backwards it is if we can turn around and take one more look.  With love relationships; part of what is occurring is an opportunity to reflect on who the people were that have shared their love with you in the past as well as who the people are that share love with you now and finally what is the value of that love?  Venus brings love in many ways.  Love from people, love from possessions, love from self-worth and even love from our animals.

The sign of Virgo brings discernment.  Just what we need right now.  The ability to discern what love means to us up close and personal.  So here is what you can do to get the best from this Full Moon/Venus Retrograde transit on Sunday.  Take some time to journal out what you have received with regards to love from the past lovers of your life.  What did each one bring you that has made you a better person and if you are with the same love you have always been with; answer the same question.   If you are single and want to be loved; what is it you have to share with another person?  Then look around at what it is you love in the other areas of your life.  First and foremost how much do you love yourself?  Secondly how much love is shared with your loved ones?  And moving on from there; your prized possessions; your writings; your creative ideas; your roommates if you have them; and, of course, your animals.

I guarantee that once you have done this exercise you will be able to know more about what your true heart desire.  What have you given up to get what you want from love?      We know true love can only be had with compromise.  Ask yourself if you compromise too much or not enough.  And this works for whatever and whomever we give our hearts to. By the way, reflection is best when it can support our present and future experiences.  So don’t make this exercise a pity party.  Make it a power party.  You alone are in control of your happiness thermometer and barometer.  Learn to set the temperature to give you the most quality.

Enjoy the process of discovery!  Discovering just how much you give to love and for love and much you get from what you give.  Wow. Now that’s Spirit talking.

As always the astrological sign and house placement of both the Moon and Venus in your sacred birth chart will bring you closer to understanding the effects of how this Full Moon in Virgo/Venus Rx energy can support your life.  In all the years I have done this work I truly believe that astrological transits bring possibilities!  There is always a new way to reinvent; restructure; redefine and renew.  As the title of my book reminds us “Life is Good…When You Do the Work”.  

I will be writing another blog specifically addressing when Venus goes direct in Aries on April 15th.  For now be well and know that LOVE IS ALL THERE IS!

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With this Full Moon and Solar Eclipse in the sign of Leo the fiery lion/lioness we are transmuting and experiencing an initiation of sorts.  Like the snake shedding its skin.

The Indian Medicine Tarot has a very interesting and powerful way of describing transmuting energy (snake) energy.  I want to quote from their description.  It succinctly describes what I believe is happening with this important astrological transit.

“The power of snake medicine is the power of creation, for it embodies sexuality, psychic energy, alchemy, reproduction, and ascension (or immortality). The transmutation of the life-death-rebirth cycle is exemplified by the shedding of Snake’s skin. It is the energy of wholeness, cosmic consciousness, and the ability to experience anything willingly and without resistance. It is the knowledge that all things are equal in creation, and that those things which might be experienced as poison can be eaten, ingested, integrated, and transmuted if one has the proper state of mind. Complete understanding and acceptance of the male and female within each organism creates a melding of the two into one, thereby producing divine energy. This medicine teaches you on a personal level that you are a universal being. Through accepting all aspects of your life, you can bring about the transmutation of the fire medicine. This fire energy, when functioning on the material place, creates passion, desire, procreation, and physical vitality. On the emotional place, it becomes ambition, creation, resolution, and dreams. On the mental place it becomes intellect, power, charisma, and leadership. When this Snake energy reaches the spiritual plane, it becomes wisdom, understanding, wholeness and connection to Great Spirit.”

With this Leo/Aquarius compliment we have the ability to transmute whatever thoughts, ideas, activities, goals and/or dreams need some kind of transformation before we can move forward and manifest the goodness that awaits us on the other side.

When we transform or transmute anything; we must go through a process of creating some kind of change or at the least a new kind of thought experience.  Change our Thinking…..Change our Life.

Allow and Accept that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  You are powerful and beautiful and magical.  Fire burns.  Air fans the fire.  Leo is fire and Aquarius is air.  Use these natural elements and become the magician of your life.

The solar eclipse is adding more fuel to the fire giving us more energy to transmute and transform.   This is a very exciting opportunity.

The astrological transits, new and full moons and eclipses are all gifts we are given freely from the Divine Universal Star System.  Planets, constellations, stars and asteroids all cooperating to support our lives spiritually, emotionally and physically.  All we are asked to do is pay attention and give them our gratitude.  We look through our telescopes and binoculars for these awe inspiring events.  If they are pleasing to look at; think about how powerful they are when we use them to support our life.  And remember the energy from this transit will remain open for our use for the next two days.

Sending peaceful thoughts and always reminding you that I am here as your Astrological Light Beacon to support the most powerful, passionate and positive vision for your life.

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