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Maria’s Full Moon in Leo Message

Full Moon in Leo – February 18, 2011
Sun in Aquarius
Mars in Aquarius
Neptune in Aquarius

Well here we are again! Another one of those feisty fiery full moons is coming at us any minute. Actually in the middle of the night tonight although its energy will be felt for the next couple of days. The Moon waxes to full on February 18 at 12:36 a.m. PST / 3:36 a.m. EST.

This upcoming full moon is in the sign of Leo opposite the Sun, Mars and Neptune in Aquarius. We know that Aquarius is all about Freedom, Freedom, and Freedom. With that in mind; it is time for the culmination of all that you affirmed during the new moon to create that freedom. Remember what we talked about. Here are a few of the highlights from the new moon message of late January.

Ask yourself where in your life you want to be free of the old paradigms that are keeping you stuck. Use the coolness of Aquarius and the warmth of Aries to produce the just right combination of air and fire that will move you forward to create a year that will include all three P’s. Passion, Prosperity and Peace.

As Aquarius enjoys freedom use these next few days to find new affirmations and visualizations that will assist you in letting go of old habits, old ways of thinking, and those negative relationship behaviors that can keep us stuck and unable to enjoy each other. In the words of Janis Joplin “freedom is another word for nothing left to lose”.

So, as we move into this full moon experience it is the time to ask yourself just how courageous you are going to be as you move forward with excitement about the new freedom you have created by getting rid of all that stuff you no longer need. It is time to set your sights on all of the new horizons that await you. Yes, my darlings, it is time to expand your consciousness and use the creative energy of the Leo Lion and Lioness to map out your very positive, exciting and adventurous future.

Use your ego in the positive ways that make sense. We need our Leo confidence and loyalty. We need to be loyal to our own goodness. When I’m around Leos I always feel their intensity of purpose. That’s the Leo energy I want in my life.

Looking beyond on our own personal lives, as good citizens of the world, many of us are setting our sights on making a difference. We only need to look out at our own community to find a place to take our creativity and support. I am so excited as I see the work that is being done by the humanitarians of the world. Sharing technologies new and old that are making a difference and carrying the torch of compassion to places that are so in need. From clean water to education to carrying for children and the elderly; there is plenty to do. Brilliant human beings live on this planet and they are willing to share their intelligent, sustainable and humane ideas and insights. I promise you that if you follow your own personal passion; it will lead you to the exact place that needs your support and caring.

Look for the placement of Leo in your sacred astrology natal blueprint to find where the energy of this full moon is going to be fiery, feisty and available for you to utilize.

As always, I wish for all of us peaceful days and passionate nights or passionate days and peaceful nights.

Maria Francesca
“For me astrology is an elegant way to become more conscious of myself in the innate intelligence of the ever changing cycles and rhythms of the universe. I feel confident in my knowledge of the movements of the stars and planets and am comforted in the knowing that I am participating in an orderly and secure universe. This inherent understanding gives me more of a choice to influence the world around me in a more positive and powerful way as I make wiser decisions.”
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