Taurus New Moon ~ Uranus New Taurus ~

Taurus New Moon



WOW!  This new moon and transit of Uranus in Taurus will bring deep and strong and meaningful change.  This New Moon in Taurus along with the Sun and Uranus are bringing us an opportunity to dig deep into the heart of all that matters in our lives.

Taurus is ruled by Venus.  Goddess of love and beauty.  Taurus is also an earth sign and with Uranus making its debut in this sign we can expect to see changes in what we consider to be love and beauty.  Taurus is also practical, hard working and focused on security; especially with regards to value.  Finances, food, home and family.  These are the basics that make up our lives.  With changes coming in these areas of our lives; we can and we should take close inventory on how we are honoring and respecting and caring for our these important life areas.

We can do better.  We must do better.  Consumerism and how we value it has absolutely deblitated our earth.  For the next seven years we are going to experience massive change in our own personal view of value as well as earth changes that will awaken us to desire a more responsible way of living.  This applies to what we consider to be the basics of life.  Taurus is the first earth sign of the zodiac.  Their archetype is the Bull.  Strong and stubborn.  Taurus looks for security that does not have too many changes.  They want steadfastness and always need to know things will work out.  Uranus on the other hand is called the “Awakener”.  It’s job is to bring change; sometimes rather unexpectedly.  Taurus is resistant to the unexpected.

So how will these two energies affect us?  Watch for changes and new awareness of how we can care for the earth in a more environmentally resposnible way.  Watch for how each of us will suddenly begin to examine (up close and personal) where we spend our money.  How much does the interest on those credit cards consume your income?  What do we need vs. what do we believe according to the “fashion powers that be” we need.

Now is the perfect time to create a new agenda for our lives.  No longer living in the past with regards to how we perceive value.  Personal power is up for grabs.

It is time for a new direction.  It is time to liberate ourselves from what no longer makes sense with regards to what we are carrying around that is way too heavy and cannot sustain us .  This relates to every area of life that we LOVE.  And when you think about it that includes money, clothes, housing, jewelry, food.  Taurus lives to enjoy all that this life can provide.  There is so much available to us without having to break the bank or break our backs in order to enjoy life.

As I was brought up in an Italian household I was taught to enjoy the basics of life   From the food we ate to the clothes my Mom made for us to wear; we appreciated the simplicity and beauty that surrounded us.  In today’s world there is an artifical mandate that pushes us beyond our means for objects that truly have little value.

Hopefully this Uranus in Taurus experience will shake us up (yes earthquakes and other weather changes) notice the Hawaiian volcano eruption; so we can re evaluate what is truly valuable in our lives.

Where is Uranus in your sacred birth chart?  If you are a Taurus or your Moon or ascendant are in this sign; you will feel more of an immediate need to be innovative in the way you are living your life.  An “awakening” will happen quickly.  Of course, Uranus moving to a new sign will impact all of us.  We will search for a different set of values in some areas of our lives.  Career changes as well as home and relationships will be examined more closely.  Important to know that every sign will be affected in some way and different age groups will experience this energy differently.   The fixed signs will notice a push/pull energy.  Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio; all considered fixed signs need to look at where they are too fixed (which denotes stubbornness and an unwillingness to change).   The earth signs will feel more at home with this Uranus transit.  The fire and air signs other than Leo and Aquarius will come to the table more willingly with regards to what needs to be done for change to happen where necessary.

Always remember that Astrology is a “tool to guide us to live life with peace, personal power and passion”.

I am offering URANUS in TAURUS readings.  For those of you whose chart I already have; I can go ahead and let you know the where, how and why Uranus will affect you.  Reading will be sent via email.  If you prefer an MP3 recording there will be an extra charge.  For new clients I will need your birth vitals.  Date, time and place of birth.  PM me on Facebook or email me at smbworks@earthlink.net. 

I am as always your Astrological Light Beacon.

Venus Blessings to All,

http://www.mariafrancescatriliegi.com Maria for Marketing educator, published author, astrologer, Goddess retreat leader, spiritual coach

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