Brave New World – Pluto in Capricorn

Pluto in Capricorn – governing our traditions, our institutions, our corporations and all that represents responsibility of the highest order.

Keywords – practical, economical, traditional and conventional

It is a very powerful experience when Pluto transits to a new sign and now it is at the very top of the natural horoscope. For the first time in this sign since the American Revolution and the Boston Tea Party – 1762 to 1778

Pluto entered Capricorn, considered to be the most responsible member of the zodiac, a little over one year ago and we are already experiencing a powerful housecleaning and definitely a new vision of the world, its governments, its administrators and all business and social organizations that need revising, revamping and renovation. Capricorn is the sign that is concerned with practical responsibility. The question now is how practical have we really been?

With Cancer (the Mother of the Zodiac) being the sign that rules the United States (July 4th) and Pluto now in Capricorn its opposite sign and (the Father of the Zodiac), the US will continue to operate amidst troubling confrontations and competition such as it has never known as well as internal political struggle; all of which will shake us to our very core. There will be much concern as the US will have much to take care of and not enough resources to do it, i.e., workforce problems, financial problems, health care problems, immigration problems as well as natural disasters and environmental concerns.

Transformation, reform and modernization will need to recreate the institutions that run our government, education and business worlds. By 2024 we will live in a very different world and it will be much more challenging than the past as a complete restructuring of corporations that have abused power and not honored the planet will need to pay retribution. Unfortunately when this experience happens on a global level, each individual person must somehow be involved.

If there are more threats or another attack on this country, how will we individually and collectively react? We must support compassionate dialogues around this. We are,with the Pluto/Uranus square, going to definitely experience revolutionary action by U.S. citizens and many of the world populations this year. This five-year transit promises to put a spotlight on every institution through rebellious movements of those people that are searching for freedom and liberation.

Preparation is the key. We must prepare financially, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We are told that the energy of 2010 to 2012 invites us to seek out determined activity and continued follow-through. We will no longer be able to wait for others to accomplish what needs to be done to prepare for the future. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We must become CEO’s of our own lives. It is time for a NEW determination, willingness and forethought. If we begin now, by the end of this two-year period we could see our, hopefully, more practical objectives on their way toward achievement.

We can no longer rely on the past and “business as usual”. Pluto will make sure of that. Pluto is the planet that brings transformation through the complete death of old ways. We will continue to be challenged to think in new ways in all areas of life. To truly make a difference in the world, we will need to learn to cooperate with one another in this new Aquarian age. Capricorn is defined by its traditions. We are entering the brave new world where many traditional ways of doing things will become obsolete. We are definitely working towards the evolution of man and womankind and hopefully it will be with a much more environmentally and spiritually responsible focus.

The last time Uranus and Pluto got together was during the 60’s revolution. The seeds that were planted back then in what seemed like “wild” movements for peace, change, and equal rights, should, these many years later, be ripe for bringing the kind of change we need to move our planet forward.

Today’s revolution occurs through the instant sharing of information. (Haiti’s earthquake was in our living rooms for days). It is essential that we stay informed to stay empowered even if it feels overwhelming at times. With our own personal participation and the reaching out for community support we truly can co-create the world we want to live in. There are many new organizations coming together to honor and support a future that the planet can sustain, i.e., and

With Pluto in Capricorn each of us will all have to take a more in-depth look at where we personally stand in the world.

Are you doing all that you can to live up to your own personal best? Pluto is asking all of us to change the structure of our lives by letting go of long-established belief systems that no longer fit and find ways to live our lives differently. Each person will need to examine what that means for them. Most likely it will start with personal financial responsibility.

Remember that power and freedom cannot be created out of a victim consciousness. It is time to command greater trust and respect for the body we inhabit, for our actions in our every day lives and for our higher self that guides us through time.

Capricorn symbolizes the desire for grandiose achievements. How that is interpreted will be most important. We must discipline ourselves to fearlessly live up to the goals we set for ourselves. We must become masters of our lives and good fathers to our loved ones and the world in general.

Earthquakes, tornadoes, oil spills, wars, health care concerns, financial concerns are all impacting our planet and creating spiritual, emotional and physical fatigue. Our nerve endings are being stretched and even our bones (ruled by Capricorn) are feeling the intense changes that are happening to our beautiful Mother Earth.

We must search for some kind of harmony and balance. We will find that it does exist when we follow the astrological orbit and transits. The planets and constellations are moving in a specific direction. We as human beings need to honor their direction and take our life cues from their natural movement.

Examine your life in all areas. Make sure you are aligned with what is for your highest good going forward. If you must change your consciousness and even sometimes your life to reach up to your new self; you must act now!

These are definitely times of change, excitement, challenge and vulnerability. We are all vulnerable and must learn to create the just right boundaries around our lives so that we make room for the new to enter. New communication, new information, new tools all at the ready for us to receive.

As Mother Nature accepts her changes with as much grace and ease that she does; we too must accept ours.

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