Thanksgiving = Giving Thanks For So Much

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Lion & LionessSONY DSC

Dear Friends,

As we enter into what will hopefully be the season of joyfulness, the gathering of loved ones, the sharing of stories and the eating of good food, it is important to remember what we have on this planet to be grateful for.

Appreciation of the natural world is critical at this time.  We are hearing so much about the monarch butterflies that are dying in the millions.  We are hearing that the bees are dying by the millions.   Important plants and animals are reaching extinction in unacceptable numbers as we become more and more complacent with regards to pesticides as we ll as genetically modified food items.  So what will you be serving at your Thanksgiving table?  Farmer’s Market here I come and that is what I am asking all of us to do.   I am asking that we all do our best to buy and serve food that comes from local farmers and/or is grown somewhat organically.

My concern is that we do our best to buy and serve food that comes from local farmers and is grown somewhat organically.  I know that it can get expensive to shop totally “organic”.  In fact it bugs me to go to any of our local markets and see an organic fruit and vegetable section.  I thought all fruits and vegetables were organic.   Ugh!  We are definitely in a world that is changing so radically and expediently that we need to put weights in our shoes just to stay grounded.

Please know that I am not a doomsday person.  In fact, I love the holidays especially with me being a wild Italian girl.  Sicilian and Calabrese!  Mamma Mia.  My Nana would say “manga, manga,  eat, eat”.  When I was a girl we cooked for days and days and days getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  It was like getting ready for an art show.  Showing off the lovely colors of all of the different foods and the aromas were hypnotic.  So you see I am a foodie!

I just want to make sure that we focus on where our food comes from and how lucky we are to be living on a planet that provides us with air, fire, earth and water.  All of these elements are part of the  Divine Universal Support System that nurtures us and does it in a loving, caring and very vulnerable way.

I have posted the photo of the lovely lion and lioness as they are an intricate part of the natural world and very vulnerable.  The photo of the gorgeous tree is fascinating to me in that it knows exactly when to change color to bring us a sensual delight!  And the food photo tells its own story.  There is nothing like good food to bring a group of loved ones and friends together in a joyful setting.

Appreciation and gratefulness are two words to remember this Thanksgiving.  With all of the madness that surrounds us there is still LOVE to share and plenty of it to go around.  So give big hugs to all you love and even to those people you may be meeting for the first time.

I need to go and start my “sugu” (red sauce) so I can have it ready to make my lasagna.  My family insists on lasagna before the turkey.  Its tradition!

Wishing everyone reading this blog a Happy, Heavenly, Hilarious and Healthy Thanksgiving Holiday.

I will be posting my Astrology Future Trends Forecast next month so you all come back for that.  So much excitement in the air for 2014!  I look forward to being a beacon of light to guide you on your journey.

Namaste,Maria Francesca

Maria Francesca Triliegi, Your Astrological Light Beacon

About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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