New Moon in Scorpio Oct 30

Cropped Scorpio

My version of the sign of Scorpio.  When I painted this I was thinking of how powerful Scorpios can be.  My vision includes the deep, colorful and happy Scorpion experience. Look closely at the image above and you will see a pink dragon above the dancing Scorpion.  This appeared unintentionally and yet is so significant to the power of the sign of Scorpio.

I have studied astrology for over 40 years starting with a reading of my sacred birth chart when I was quite the youngster.  I received my certification as a Professional Astrologer 24 years ago.   I have  charted hundreds of people and coached as many to support them in finding their true essence.  Out of all of the twelve signs we recognize in western astrology today; as far as I am concerned; there is NO sign as powerful as a Scorpio.  Being ruled by Pluto, the planet that demands transformation; Scorpios can go to the depths of fear, desire and emotion to create whatever transformation is necessary no matter what it takes.  This kind of power can be frightening and overwhelming yet when used to support what is good about humanity; find yourself a Scorpio!

I have a close loved one who is a Scorpio.  She is by far one of the bravest women I know. There is a quiet and always positive energy that she carries no matter what physical or emotional challenge comes knocking on her door.   I have several clients that are Scorpios and I find myself wishing I had some of their resilience, undeterred energy and fearlessness.  The reason I am explaining this in my blog today is due to the fact that all the signs of the zodiac have an opportunity to reach deep down and access your own transformation through fearlessness.

These next two days can be powerful in guiding each of us to the essence of who we are without all of the outer trappings society places on us.  Who we are, what our purpose is and how to embrace and honor it.  This is what the New Moon in Scorpio is doing to shine a light on our inner warrior.  Scorpio rules our root chakra!  This is where the foundation of our beliefs is located.  This is where our sexuality, sensuality and emotional core can be found.  Stripped down and “for real”.  Ask yourself if you are “for real”.  This means living in your light and finding a way to shine brightly.

I am always here as your Astrological Light Beacon.  Call, email or text (ugh) me and I will do my best to shine a light on your true essence.

Sending peace, prosperity and power covered with love, compassion and kindness,         Maria Francesca                                               310-548-1338 – o                                                                          707-292-1882 – m




About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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