It has been one year since we humans have been forced to accept one of the most harrowing, frightening, troublesome, painful and definitely unprecedented experiences not seen on this planet in over 100 years. Our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and financial lives have been decimated. We have been changed down to the essence of our DNA. Whether or not we have personally been affected by this pandemic; we have all been changed in ways we are not even fully aware of yet.

We know that astrology affects our personality. Astrology is the essence of our personality. The way we function in our day to day. The way we function in the world. Our health and wellness; our relationships; our work ethic, our philosophy of life; all of who we are is clearly shown to us in our sacred birth chart.

We now see that the pandemic is affecting our personality. We are more fearful, more restricted, especially as it relates to our humanity and more concerned about our future. This is happening to such a degree that it can, if we are not careful, change our perception of life as we move forward to create a “new normal”. We must, each of us, find a way to understand the complexity of how we are being changed. Understanding our astrological personality can support us in making sure that this pandemic does not alter our consciousness. Staying the course of knowing who you are astrologically. Understanding how capable our spirit, mind and body is to fight off outside forces that can undermine our good health in all areas of our life.

I have learned so much about my astrological personality through these past months. Where I am resilient. Where I am impatient. Where I am too emotional and need to be more practical. Where I am a social creature and miss my friends. I have had to learn to love myself and care for myself in ways I wasn’t even conscious of. Too busy. Too distracted. Too cool to bother caring for some things. Yes, learning to pay attention to detail. I’m a Pisces. Always looking at the big picture. Learning to love Mother Nature in new ways. I’m like a rabbit. Moving quickly to the next task. Slowing down has allowed astrological aspects of my nature to come forward and support me in new ways. What a gift. Of course, we always want our awareness and growth to occur through positive experiences. Alas, I know personally, after losing my beautiful son in such a tragic way and then experiencing the effects of this pandemic, life doesn’t always work this way.

We can learn now to become stronger and smarter with regards to much of what we took advantage of so we can do it better. Our astrological profile has the answers. With Jupiter (planet bringing benefits) and Saturn (planet bringing challenges) in the sign of Aquarius and Uranus (planet bringing change) in the sign of Taurus; we have an opportunity to search out the very personal and powerful nuances of our astrological personality. Do you know where these signs live in your sacred birth chart? This is where you can be supported in new ways.

We are dealing with a new virus. It is creating somewhat of a new humanity. It is time to be proactive rather than reactive. It is time to utilize the power available in the lovely circle we call the horoscope. Each planet has the ability to support us with the resilience and the gems of awareness necessary for our life’s journey moving forward .

I am here as your astrological light beacon to support you in finding whatever is necessary for you to thrive. We will soon unmask our lives and open our spirits, hearts, minds and bodies to embrace all of the beauty, love, friendship and togetherness that, for a while, we were robbed of. How will you move forward? How will you be different?

Namaste, Maria Francesca


About Maria at Spirit*Mind*Bodyworks

Astrology Coach and Holistic Consultant. Educator and Retreat Leader. Writer, painter, yoga teacher.
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